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Today I had the opportunity to speak about Google's Transparency Report on a panel at the ICIC conference in Ottawa, Canada. ICIC = International Conference of Information Commissioners -- a gathering of people who dedicate their professional lives to evaluating how (and in some cases, whether) to make more government information available to the citizenry. It was by and large an inspiring two days, filled with panels and keynote discussions about how to harness technology to make government information more easily accessible to the public, among other topics.
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How do you use Google+?

I've seen a few blogs and press articles where the author describes their own experience on Google+ as Twitter-like (e.g., public) or full of techie insiders -- see, e.g., +Robert Scoble's blog post at

My experience in Google+ is different. I average 4 or 5 posts a day -- none of those are public (except for this post). Most of my posts are sent to 1 or 2 circles consisting of 20 or fewer people. I share photos and videos of my daughter (sync'ed from Instant Upload) with my husband. I coordinate play dates with my fellow working-mom colleagues. I provide usability tips to a college friend.

I suppose that my experience on Google+ couldn't be more different than Scoble's -- and I love the product for that flexibility. I hope it allows each Google+ user to adopt a sharing model that's unique to their own personality, or is shaped by their public and private personas.

So, how do you use Google+?
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