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Brent Sibley
dont believe me? just watch
dont believe me? just watch

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Well today is the day Broward and Uber cease working together. How will this all pan out? We shall see. Here's a recent Twitter update 

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i need to reclaim ownership of my law firm business page.  the webmaster who created it cannot help me. what can i do??  this is the link to my google business profile page. 

so who still uses G+ ? anyone?

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Brother Jimmys coming to Mary Brickell village......

The new Yorkers are telling me good things about this place

is the the new google mobile OS really going to be called Ice Cream Sandwich????? if so that's hilarious.

uh-oh, Google is killing it folks. The new email UI is slick, and the "unread messages" on top is AWESOME.

WOW. 13 hours of British Open Coverage AND live coverage of the WSOP main event (for the first year ever). THis is gonna be an epic few days of "slow sports"
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