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il mio nome è un bel sono italiano. ho un po 'di probl emidi rabbia, ma sono a posto. sono venuto in America a 10.Ho 15 anni e nato gennaio 23,1996
my name is lovely and i'm italian!i came to america when i was 10 so yeah...i am very mom and dad divorced when i was 3 so my mom and i moved to winneg..things wasn't good in winneg.sooo when i waas 10 we moved to madison..pretty cool here!!!my mom was a beautiful women..yes she mom was domesticly beaten by my dad when i was 11 months!!so mom never told anyone or me..till i was 7 years old!!i always wondered where the blue marks came from on her face..but she'd always tell me,"i..i just hit a pole when you were a left a bruise there."i belived her.i was always into stories and reading.when i was 5 my mom read me books and stuff.we are still living strong... me and her .my mom met someone they are getting married..i'm soo mom is like 35 now getting married soon so i am really excited about whats going on later.

wish all of you hugs and kisses
stay strong and be happy!

Bragging rights
well i am a straight A student at Madison East High School!
i play basketball.the girls on the team love my accent.i also study modeling at my church after school :)