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Distracted Driving and Hands Free Cellphones
Read this article to learn more about cognitive distraction and how hands free cellphones can contribute to car accidents. Find out how a study conducted on cognitive distraction showed that hands free cellular devices are not safe for drivers to use. Understand how the dangers of distracted driving can lead to a catastrophic car accident and how an attorney may be able to help.

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Brain injury facts
Check out this article which gives important information about brain trauma. Brain injuries are a common result of car accidents, falls and other accidents. Learn what they are, what treatment is used, their symptoms and the long term effects that victims may face. Brain injuries are often unpredictable and no two are alike, making them extremely difficult to understand.

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Construction accidents have been on the rise in recent years.
If you or someone you love has been injured in one, you have legal rights. Read on to learn more.

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Is America facing a car accident epidemic? Study finds concerning jump in crashes.
A new study by the NSC finds that the United States is setting itself up for the highest number of traffic fatalities since 2007. This article is helpful for anyone who looking to avoid involvement in a car wreck or for tips if recently in a crash.

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Bracelet reads BAC through skin - could this mean new laws in CT?
A new study by the NHTSA found technology that allows a bracelet to read the wearer's BAC through the skin reduces the risk of drunk driving recidivism. This article is beneficial to anyone injured by a drunk driver.

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When doctors bully nurses, patients may suffer
Research shows that most nurses experience bullying or intimidation by the doctors they work with, and it often puts patients at risk. Read this article to learn more about this surprisingly widespread problem and how it may affect your quality of care.

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New CT Bills Seek to Address Issue of Distracted Driving
Take a look at this article about recently proposed changes to distracted driving laws in Connecticut. Several bills would establish more serious penalties for drivers caught texting or otherwise using handheld phones, and one bill would allow authorities to issue distracted driving citations for a behavior that is currently legal. Learn what changes the bills would make and how those changes could impact roadway safety.

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Fairfield County dangerous for pedestrians?
Many older individuals have been killed in pedestrian accidents in Fairfield County in the last decade, leading to concerns over safety in the streets. To learn more about what these communities plan to do to address the issue, ready the article below.

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Lawsuit loans take advantage of personal injury victims
Read this article before you take out a loan in anticipation of a future lawsuit settlment.

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Not just a money grab
Medical malpractice lawsuits can improve the overall health of the medical industry. This article discusses how.
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