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Some one sent this to my email. I'm not sure if I understand the last part but the rest sounds about right!
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'The management system' is referring to the woman attached to it :P
lol ... that does sound about right. The last part doesn't apply to fantastic, sexy women like you, only to uptight bitches who like to pretend that they aren't horny.
hey ann ! good to see ya around's been a while
It was a bf that sent it.
That is become we women folk are so mysterious.
I think he's saying he likes pussy but the woman that own it are hard to get along with. lol.
+Lisa Mcfee bingo - something to do with the periodic maintenance cycle and how it affects the management system ;-) Tell your BF to just wait until it is used for reproduction, then the fun really starts.
+Peter zininwatlekkers "Tempermental" != "hard to get along with" ... or to put it another way; they are called mood swings, a swing goes both ways.
No I,m not hard to get along with at all. I'm easy!
We just practice for reproduction Don Quixote.
F You!! I don't have any mood swings you f*^&$# , %$*#^ . Ha ha ha.
and like engines blokes cannot get enough of em
The question is what is the management system of a vagina?Women say it`s the female bogy attached to it.But..what do men say?Who manages a vagina?..))
Anyone that ever revved up my engine loved it so much they kissed it. :-D
Practice helps you prepare for "the real thing" ;-) Just make sure the dad is there for the delivery, a real eye opener.
The woman manages her own body - until Santorum takes office.
Oh God! That will never happen.Can you get pregnant if you swallow? lol.
sure, just like you can get pregnant from a toilet seat.
And it has the power to control men, and some ladies.
yeah but someone has to be sat underneath her at the time
"with the right lever one can move the world"
One of the most tasty engines as well ... ;-D)))
the super natural honey from women
my dear you are looking so lovely
Jo Jo
absolute right
u r some thing baby lisa can u teach me how to start your vagina engeine
Wow I never thought of a vagina in quite that way, but it really works! And I would love to help you out whit your lube job, I know we would both enjoy the experience.
hay lisa how can i get to be with u
sassy saint. First I would have to know who you where.I looked at your page and you have nothing about you there. No pics or any thing. I,m not going to add a ghost.  
we r all ghost  Jesus is  ghost
i like to make u come to many time
i am not  how r u doing lisa

hi lisa do u got nice vagina>
if u lite my piston in your engine u can use it
hay lisa i want u what u think
good morning have a swt day
i will love to put my dick lisa s vagina
Wow, lovely think, and Really True!! Is  just the Best in the World..... how much it is true!! ;)
I think that you're absolutely right, Siva. That's the way it would be!! :-)
how can i get to fuck lisa  ass so good i want lisa
iam sure that this is written by engineer
@mohamed radwan, I think you're right! :-D
you are absolutely right can I check in your engine if you agree
 soooo true about this engine that i love it hears my girlfreind she is from saudi arabia  send
any body think lisa will let me lick and fuck her pussy i want her
i can explain u the last part.
Love the quote and you look great 
Tires should be made out of it.
they would never wear out
Great piece, attributed to George Carlin.
And true, too! Lol
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