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Mercenary Publicist. Traumatized Author. Tyrannical Editor.
Mercenary Publicist. Traumatized Author. Tyrannical Editor.


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We have three days left to get Strange California funded, and we're launching a Thunderclap! If you can help us spread the word, we'd really appreciate it!

+Yonatan Zunger wrote the amazing forward for the collection, and our authors include Seanan McGuire, Christie Yant, Richard Dansky, Laura Anne Gilman, Tim Pratt, Nick Mamatas, and many more.

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*6 days* left to fund this anthology of weird, wild, and wonderful fiction inspired by California. Tim Pratt, Seanan McGuire, Christie Yant, Spencer German Ellsworth, Richard Dansky, Elise Tobler, and many more! We even have an amazing forward by +Yonatan Zunger!

We still need help to make our goal, so please share far and wide!

Crowdsourcing The Excellence: a call for ideas to make life that much better.

Dear internets: my next Booklife Now post is on the need for professionalism, positivity and courage. On Friday, I'd like to post a follow-up with crowd-sourced ideas for enriching and improving a professional life. 
The idea sprang from Jeff and Ann VanderMeer's FogCon Booklife Breakfast, where they discussed ways to keep the well from going dry, and Monte Cook's Month of Positivity. It's been a stressful year for most of us, and there's a lot to be negative about. It also sets up the perfect starting place to make life more excellent, more beautiful and more positive. 
What are your tricks for resolving negativity? For preserving your sanity in a hard work environment? What helps clear your head and jumpstart your creativity? How do you challenge yourself? What's your plan to make everything around you just a little more excellent? 
The books, movies and music we love are not just created by writers, but by a huge team of people in all sorts of jobs. We all have a voice in where the genre goes. I would like to hear that voice. I want to hear from artists, readers, techs, publishers, editors, readers...well, basically, everyone who lives in the genre community. 
I will assemble the post Thursday afternoon. I can't promise that I'll use all of the suggestions, but I will credit them to you (unless you specify anonymity!). Please feel free to share this far and wide, but please tag me when you post it so that I can see the responses. 

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Distantly my tribe, but as Lily says, this shouldn't just be their cause. Sacred land should never be up for sale. 

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We're only a couple hours in, and already pushing toward $1500. If we make that mark in the next couple of hours, Shanna and I will record the first backer update tonight!

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I thoroughly hate keeping secrets about projects I'm excited about, so it is with great glee that I announce the next anthology project I'm involved in: Geek Love: An Anthology of Full-Frontal Nerdity.

+Shanna Germain and Janine Ashbless will be heading up the editing, Lee Moyer and +Galen Dara will be directing art and layout, +Adam Israel is the webmaster, and I'm detail-wrangler and publicist.

Seriously gleeful about this entire thing, and so happy to finally announce it.

I downloaded IVANHOE onto my e-reader, started re-reading it...closed it out, and went to get the much-loved green and gold leather edition. There are some books that must, MUST be read in the flesh.

Problematically, this is also bringing back my slight obsession with the Aquitaine family. And Eleanor. Oh, dear. This is a rabbit hole I never escape easily.

This is just damn cool.

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The next round of Sword and Sorcery podcasts for SFSignal are filling up with some great guests.

Confirmed editors: Lou Anders (Pyr), Erik Mona and James Sutter (Paizo), Scott Andrews (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

Confirmed authors and artists: Violette Malan, Saladin Ahmed, Erin Hoffman, Ari Marmell, Jon Sprunk, Doug Hulick and artist John Picacio.

There are a couple people I'm waiting to hear back from, but the response so far has been 100%, so I should have a few more to add to the list soon.

Recording starts February 21, and we'll be running it in three episodes. If anyone has questions about the genre that they'd like to ask, send away, and I'll try and get them asked.

(If you want to hear the first round, you can find it here:

Is there a simple way to block ALL G+ game invitations? I know it's a small annoyance in the grand scheme of things, but it will make me happier. I don't want to end up with a FB-like stream of invites, messages and crap from people I don't even have in my circles.
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