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hiiiii i'm cassandra. i love to sing & make music.
hiiiii i'm cassandra. i love to sing & make music.

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:) messy haiir & summer feeeeeelz

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WEARING Denim Overalls from Forever21 | Black Tank from Deane & White | Sandals from REEF | Bronze Watch from Aldo | Bracelets from Italy (gifts) Production Photography by Heng Kim | Creative Direction by Cassandra Giugno & Heng Kim  | Editing, Styling, Mod...

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FEATURING THE HAPPINESS PLANNER TIME 4 FLOWERS The Happiness Planner 2016 (Dated)  | Pink Flowers (not including flower hair clip) from Time 4 Flowers  | Aldo Watch | Thrifted Oversized T-Shirt | Thrifted Over-The-Knee-High Wool Socks | Apple Laptop | Peppe...

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 WEARING "Be Original" Tee from Forever21 (I'm wearing size small) | Yoga Pants from Forever21 | Black Flats from mel   Photos by Neu View Photography and Heng Kim | Editing by Neu View Photography and Cassandra Giugno | Creative Direction, Styling, Modeli...

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I am off to Italy! If you're a reader/supporter, photographer, or designer from Italy I'd love to meet and/or
collaborate with you! I'm bringing new fashion pieces with me and I want to fit in photoshoots or videoshoots :) I'll mostly be in South & North I...

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Photograph by me | Cassandra Giugno © My friends and I are at a beach house near Point Pelee National Park! Aren't the flowers beautiful? I have my DSLR with me. I may post more photos later. x

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Wearing floral dress from Sans Souci Yayy for Apple webcam photos! lol I just got back from an Organic & Vegan Bakery. I love vegan food oh my gosh. I got amazing chocolate chip banana bread for Easter celebrations tomorrow with my friends. I can't wait :) ...

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