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By the sound of it, there were quite a few people that complained that the Peacock building was in the wrong place. It's nice to know that the portal team are correcting a few of the portals that are a bit "lost"

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Two things:
1. Everyone has 5 more invites.
2. Small panic as it looks like I was demoted back to level 1. It thankfully fixed itself quickly. Phew.

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Spooky in Glasgow this morning. Lots of the portals were neutral or one small xmp away from capture.
Did Bank holiday hacking go well for anyone else?

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I've been doing it wrong, so wrong. I assumed that lower levels it was better to stand at the middle and fire bursters.
Up to level 5, it's better to stand on the resonator.

Hi, I've noticed that the Ingress notifications are strangely 8 hours behind. If a portal changes hands then it says it's at 3.00 instead of 11.00 for example.

Is this the same for everyone? I've tried looking around the google site to configure a time zone, where this exists, it's set to UK.

Took down my first portal today. I'm only a level 2, so I think I over extended myself going after the local portal which was level 4. Took 15 minutes hammering it with L1 xmps at which point I ran out of xm. Ran to the nearest portal and recharged, went back and finished it off.
It lasted 5 hours, but at least I'm 1/3 of the way closer to level 3. Good fun.

I've been largely experimenting with different things. In Glasgow, linking portals seems to have worked efficiently mining ap. They're close enough to easily get portal keys and change hands frequently enough that links are not always fully populated.

Any other tips for getting ap if you're lower levels?
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