STEM Women on G+ Shared Circle (Release 2)

This is the first crowd-sourced, collaboratively curated circle of Women who work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields that are also active on G+.

We had some simple criteria for inclusion in this circle; every woman in this circle has a job that relates directly to STEM or is an advanced student of STEM. They are all active users of G+ and post Publicly about their STEM discipline regularly (i.e. at least once a week).

• Import these people into a brand new circle, and then move people over into your permanent circles if you like what they post.

Reshare this post, to get the STEM goodness out to as many as people as possible :)

• If we have missed someone that should be included in this circle in time for our next update, please nominate them at We will be actively curating this circle once a month or so, removing inactive users, adding new active users, so consider this a work in progress :)

Please also make sure that the nominee has added the STEM Women on G+ Brand Page to their circles (we cannot include the nominee in this shared circle unless she does that).
This circle is curated by +Buddhini Samarasinghe, +Rajini Rao, +Liz Krane, +Liz ℚuilty and +Christine Paluch. A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported this crowd-sourced effort by sharing the original post and by nominating people for it - this wouldn't have been possible without you!
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