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"We shouldn't judge, we shouldn't fight. Because in the end, none of it matters." 

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SO inspired by this true story of the #BerlinWall  and my +Airbnb team that brought it to life. More behind the scenes of how we made it at

"we need to elevate the profiles of successful women so that others will see them and want to work alongside them – so they will know what roles are available and what roles they can make." by my amazing, talented friend, +Mari Huertas at

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"100 people needlessly copied on an e-mail results in eight hours of lost productivity, when accounting for the time it takes people to read, delete and return to work."

Jonathan Spira, the chief analyst at research firm Basex on why reply-all on emails is a bad idea.

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"I thought I'd never met anyone who'd lived with more absolute freedom … A need to keep moving, as if whenever he stayed anywhere too long, he exhausted the present by soaking it in too intensely."

Joyce Johnson on her former boyfriend, writer Jack Kerouac

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We are in a moment where many of the most passionate technologists in the web world are enthusiastically re-examining the challenges around the first two values of the social web’s creation, the tools and their relation to the open web. My heart is with them, as I used to be someone who helped create both. Anyone who’s still hacking on new blogging tools in 2012 is a friend of mine." +Anil Dash  on "The Clean Web" 

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"Smartphones have become social escorts, Ms. Smith says. "When people walk into a room where they don't know anyone or feel insecure, they reach into their bags and start staring at the screen" 

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A poll conducted by +NPR the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, and the +Harvard School of Public Health found 1 in 5 Americans had a problem getting insurance to pay for a hospital, doctor, or other #healthcare in the past year.

This week, NPR is airing stories on what it’s like to be sick in America. Read the stories here:

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A basic (& fun) #socialmedia 101 presentation I did for +Direct Relief's Board of Directors to help them understand the work that's being done and how to support it through social networking channels. 

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Even if you're not a mum, investing in them is important. Over 48M women give birth completely alone every year. Over a million babies die each year because there wasn't the right access to care. And the USA is the worst of the industrialized nations to be a mother and is on the continual decline.

Luckily, the numbers are - and can keep - changing. Share this newsletter or donate funds to +Direct Relief International's Maternal and Child Health Program where 100% of your donation goes to programatic work.
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