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The Key to fluency in Chinese

I know most people who follow us here must be those who are interested in learning Chinese in the future or those who are learning now.

Have you asked yourself a question before when you are learning Chinese or when you are thinking to start learning?

Why do you want to learn Chinese on earth?
1、I just love learning language.
2、I love Chinese culture,and language learning is the first step for me to start my Chinese journey.
3、That is just one of my personal goals,I learn it for fun.
4、I have to learn because I need to survive here.
5、My wife is Chinese.
6、I have to learn because my boss asks me to learn and we need to develop the Chinese market.
7、I want to marry a Chinese girl.
8、I have to learn because I want to find a good job in China.
9、I am doing business in China now.

What is your main reason for learning Chinese?Do you love learning Chinese itself or are you going compulsively through the motions because you feel that you have to learn it?

If you do love learning Chinese itself:Yes!!Chinese learning ,no ,I mean the action “LEARNING” will reward you the best and your motivation will be endless. Nothing can stop you easily!(of course except yourself). No matter how low your level is ,you will achieve your goal sooner or later.

If you DON’T love learning Chinese and don’t enjoy the process of learning. Now it’s just the time for some adjustments.

Here are some ways to transform:
1、Keep learning if you have started,try to change your perspective from “HAVE TO” or “SHOULD TO”to a heartfelt love of language exploring.

2、“You must be the kind of man who can get things done. But to get things done, you must love the doing, not the secondary consequences. ” So when you are fighting so hard to learn because of some external reasons,don't worry about those things,such as…

- If you are making progress as fast as you could and achieve your another life goal,
- Whether your Chinese is good enough to get a better job,
- You are improving faster than someone else or not?
- If you can get the important Chinese client,
- If you can handle everything in your meeting in Chinese,

(1) Try to forget about it during your session and focus on the content each time. Try to understand the way Chinese people are talking ,thinking ,creating and be one of them to think about it in the same way .

(2)Try to understand the inner logic and regard it as a new exploring each time. Not only for the Chinese knowledge,but for all what have happened in your Chinese class.

Chinese class is not only a class for learning the language,but also can be a class to learn more things from each other and yourself!

3、Try to be sensitive and curious about your emotion change during the class and analysis it after class in order to know WHY :

- Why you get tired and bored soon,
- Why you want to give up and don’t want to listen to your teacher,
- Why you have your conclusion that you don’t like learning language itself

When you figure out the reason,you will definitely find a way to solve it,then you will attain concentration and joy.

4、If it is not easy or not as fast as you expected to love the session and enjoy each moment. Then only try to remember what you have been taught and how you can use them correctly in your daily life , go out of your classroom and just grab anyone you can to talk to them using all these sentences you know,you will find out how interesting it is when you start talking to Chinese people in China ,and you will find more motivation.

5、If the conclusion in the end is that you really hate learning Chinese,you can give up as soon as possible and try to find some other things what you love to do. But remember to practice to love learning Chinese during the transition. Practicing to love it and feeling the joy inside is something you always need to learn no matter what you need to do and what you are doing currently. If you don’t get good at trying to love the thing what you are doing such as Chinese language learning ,you will get pissy about some other things soon,because we’re always dancing between that part of ourselves that gets all tied up in the external rewards and the part of ourselves that just loves the work itself!)

Love what you are doing,try to enjoy the whole process of learning Chinese and just love learning Chinese itself!Not for the material rewards or power or because you “have to”, but because you LOVE learning it. The motivation should comes from WITHIN you. Then your Chinese learning will be completely integrated process in which there is tremendous joy!Then I think being fluent will be something natural.

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Brush with Chinese culture-Taichi&tea ceremony & Chinese knot by Mandarinpi

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Brush with Chinese culture-Taichi&tea ceremony & Chinese knot on 28th June by Mandarinpi.

Hi,guys,best weekend in nineclouds with everybody!The event is successful.Thank you for joining our mandarinpi event this Sunday,despite the crazy heavy rain.According to this event,we have a lot of fun and know more about Chinese tea.More people begin to be really interested in Taiji.Some even can make an easy Chinese knot.Hope everybody enjoy it.
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Brush with Chinese culture-Taichi&tea ceremony & Chinese knot.
Hi! Once again Mandarinpi is proud to announce?its exquisite Interactive Chinese cultural events. Come and enjoy the incredible opportunity expand your reach with great fun experience! This event includes traditional Chinese knot workshop, Chinese tea ceremony and the Traditional Tai Chi, offering you the exceptional elements of power to overcome the physical through deep relaxation, inner calmness, healing, energy and peace of the Tai Chi traditional art.

You will:
√ Enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the spread of Chinese art and culture through active participation
√ Develop deep understanding of the Taoist Tai Chi art.
√ Learn and Share the essence of Chinese traditional knot from the simplest knots to the most intricate ones
√ Expand your Chinese cultural circle and meet like-minded people.

Join us on!
Date:June 28, 2015, 14:00pm to 17:00 pm
Venue:4th Floor Jiuxiao Hall, No. 17 Xiangyang Road in shanghai.
(Metro Line 2,7 Jing'an Temple Station exit 9 )

Ticket Fee:RMB 100.
Free entrance from 13:30pm to 14:00pm

1. 13:30-14:00: Registration
2. 14:00-15:00: Introduction to Tai Chi including a demo experience
3. 15:00-15:30: Chinese Tea ceremony 
4. 15:30-16:30: Introduction to Chinese Knot including a demonstration 
5. 16:30-17:00: Networking and Sharing experience

Email :
Skype : mandarinpi
Wechat : Mandarinpi_school
Tel : +86 21 62415035
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Some customs about dragon boat festival you don't know!
The Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner.Does anybody have a plan for the festival?Even if you don’t plan to go for a travel,eating rice dumplings and wearing incense bags are good choices.Today let us talk about dragon boat festival.
The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu festival,the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. It is usually in June in the Gregorian calendar.
1 qǐ yuán--Origin 
Qu Yuan served in high offices in Chu kingdom during the Warring States period.However,the king decided to ally with Qin,Qu was accused of treason because of opposing the alliance.28 years later,Qin conquered Chu.In despair,Qu Yuan committed suicide by drown himself in the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.
2 chī shén me -eat what?
It is said that the local people who admired him dropped sticky rice triangles wrapped in bamboo leaves into river to feed fish so that fish would not eat Qu Yuan 's body.This is said to be the origin of Zongzi.
3 hē shén me-drink what?
Drinking realgar wine is another custom.Which promotes good health and protects people from disease.Realgar is an ancient medicine.This is called "xionɡ huánɡ jiǔ".
4 wán shén me-play what?
When Qu Yuan died,local people paddled out on boat,either to scare the fish away or to retrieve his body.This is said to be the origin of dragon boat racing.This we call it "sài lónɡ zhōu
5dài shén me-wear what?
Many contagious diseases and plagues were said to originate during this period.Chinese,especially children,mother made incense bags for them and hung them on their neck to avoid diseases.
6 ɡuà shén me-hung what?
Families will hang various herbs to protect people from illness,called Ay Tsao,on their door of protection.
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13rd June Mandarinpi in collaboration with AXTION Fitness Studio held a classic Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Event, providing a very relaxing weekend as well as promoting understanding of the opportunities in China’s fitness culture.
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