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Live and work anywhere in the world
Live and work anywhere in the world

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Permanent Residency in Japan After 1 Year
The Ginza Wako Clock, Tokyo, Japan, Jordy Meow There's a strong competition amongst countries to attract highly skilled labor, particularly those in STEM (science, technology, engineering, medicine) fields. Japan has made an interesting move in this game: h...

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How to Move to Europe (or elsewhere)
It's that time again when people are upset at the results of the US presidential election and traffic to this blog spikes. I've written for years on different ways to move abroad, but I've let the blog go fallow as other priorities presented themselves. So ...

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US Trying to Prevent Americans Giving Up Their Citizenship
Certification of Loss of Nationality ( Wikipedia ) I haven't written in this blog for a while, but this story is too important to ignore. The US is trying to solve its public relation disaster of the massive increase in the number of Americans giving up the...

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New banking scam targeting expat Americans
The IRS has FATCA thrust upon them, but I don't think they're too upset about it. There's a new banking scam targeting overseas Americans and there's not much you can do to protect yourself. Yesterday  the IRS issued a warning to FATCA-compliant banks stati...

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Grateful For High Taxes in France?
The grocery store by our home in La Rochelle It's been a while since I've posted. We've been very busy with our company  and I've been working other projects . On my Facebook page, I've made some comments about French health care, in particular referencing ...

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We're back from New York ... sort of ... (pics)
Doubtless you've noticed the lack of updates recently. This was a combination of a significant work load, lots of work last month to get out the survey results (and I still haven't posted the last part) and a business trip to New York, the latter of which w...

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Overseas Exile Expat Survey Results — Politics
Today is part 4 of the Overseas Exile survey results. It's all about that subject we love to hate: politics. The answers may surprise you. As usual, click on the images for larger versions. If this is your first time reading the survey, see also: Part 1 Exp...

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Overseas Exile Expat Survey Results — Emotions
Today's summary of expat results revolves around expat's emotional responses to being an expat. In other news, I'm learning more about Excel's pivot tables and am doing a better job labeling them. As usual, click on imagine for a larger picture. See also: P...

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Overseas Exile Expat Survey Results — Living Abroad
This is the second entry in my Overseas Exile 2013 US Expat Survey results. Click here for the first entry, covering "Personal Information" about expatriates . Click on any image to see a larger version. The second part to the survey was about "life abroad"...

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Initial Overseas Exile Expat Survey Results
Image by Mizunoryu As of this writing, the US Expat Survey  has 235 responses. That's after removing obvious "joke" responses and duplicate responses. Duplicates were determined by seeing all 50 questions answered identically, with freeform responses requir...
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