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Alex Bowyer
building the future, one idea at a time...
building the future, one idea at a time...

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Time to call on my network of friends and colleagues:

I am currently seeking clients who would like to employ my services to build websites for them; and as I grow my business I am also available for short-term or part-time work in software development, writing or other areas (working remotely or based in the North East).

If you know of anyone who could benefit from my 15+ years software experience, please let me know or share this status with them. Thanks!

Email address:
Telephone 07968 428138

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I am leaving Canada and have lots of items for sale here in Montreal - bed, microwave, headphones, christmas stuff, you name it... please share with anyone who might be interested!

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Hi all, I'm pleased to announce our latest audio show! You can listen online or just search for WeReddit in iTunes or in your Podcasts app.

Also +Dean Upton  and I are pleased to welcome our first guest presenter, +Stéfanie V. !!

As always, please send in your comments, feedback and suggested stories!

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Had a very successful WeReddit episode recording with +Dean Upton  and our special guest presenter +Stéfanie V.  tonight. (Also, our first time using Google Hangouts!)

It's in post production and will be out shortly but in the meantime why not catch up on the previous episode "Bitcoin, Bankrobbers and Billionaires" 

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This may just be the most thought-provoking article I've read this year, and one which I find it hard to disagree with. A lot of its points apply to social media too.

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What if you could download new skills to your brain? Will 3D printers chage the world? And what the hell is guerilla knitting? Just some of the questions we explore in Episode 13 of WeReddit. Listen here or just search for "WeReddit" on iTunes or in your Podcasts app on your phone.

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Have violent movies actually reduced violence? How do you give your self Spiderman-like extra senses? How do you make cupcake lasagnas and ice-cream bread? Just some of the questions +Dean Upton and I discussed in Episode 12 of the WeReddit podcast.

Find us on iTunes or listen below!

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I find this story absolutely fascinating on many levels. Over half a millennium ago, the last king of the Middle Ages died in battle, ending the War of the Roses and the Middle Ages. Last year, after a bit of digging under a car park in Leicester and a DNA check against Canadian carpenter Michael Ibsen - a direct descendent of Richard III - confirmed that the skeleton was indeed that of Richard III. And now they can reconstruct his final moments of defeat and painful torture by examining the damage to the skeleton.

Now THAT'S history in the making. :-)

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Have you ever considered the ethics of dumpster diving? What do you think someone from the 1950s would think of our world today? Should Minecraft be used in schools?

These questions and more in our latest WeReddit episode... Click the link below or just search in iTunes or your Podcasts app. Subscribe at
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