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Imagine - Envision - Observe - Create
Imagine - Envision - Observe - Create

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Two incredible natural phenomena in one glorious shot: it could only happen on the island of Anglesey in beautiful North Wales and could only have been taken by the very talented nature photographer +Kris Williams.  Please direct your comments to him. 
'Bioluminescent Waves & Aurora' - Anglesey
Sept 7th, 2015 - 10:20PM (UK)

I was counting my lucky stars on this particular evening... A double-dose and truly amazing display of two natural phenomenon that I've only ever dreamed I would capture in one shot together, but this night was the night, these are the brief moments I live for... :-)

As the aurora conditions were looking good throughout the early evening, I headed out shortly before darkness to a local beach on Anglesey, and waited for the darkness and clouds to co-operate and hopefully show me some northern light... But once it got dark enough, I noticed that that the waves crashing onto the beach were sparkling and lighting up in electric-blue light.  I've seen those before and recognised what it was straight away, so I was over the rocks from my original position and onto the beach in a shot...!

While I was walking over, the pebbles under my feet were sparkling from the small dinoflagellate creatures that emit this very brief spark of blue light when they're disturbed my movement, and I watched the waves roll in for a couple of hours sparkling like lightning in the sea, while the aurora danced overhead - an amazing night on Anglesey, the island where the magic happens :-)

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Some enchanting leaf forms in my neighborhood. Camera phone crop.

Sending warm thoughts during this frigid time to all my Canadian friends.  If it is as cold as I am hearing in the northern USA, then I shudder to think what you must be going through.
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