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When you Look Good, You Feel Good!
When you Look Good, You Feel Good!


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The job interview can be a nerve-wrecking and intimidating experience and it’s not always clear what employers are looking for. However, interviews play a key role in determining if you are a good match for the company. Here are 7 of the best interview…

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You Can Have Comfort & Style! 3 Must Have Pieces for Fall

This has been a dilemma for quite a while. Do you dress for the latest fashion trends or do you want to be comfortable?

At last, designers are getting it, especially for women over 50; you can now find clothing and accessories that are stylish and comfortable. Here are a 3 must have pieces to have comfort and style.

Dusters are a must have accessory for your wardrobe. They are a light, loose-fitting jacket. This is so versatile and can be worn from day to night and it never goes out of style. Wear it with jeans, slacks, skirts and dresses. They come in different lengths, from shorter below the waist to calf lengths. If you are petite make sure to wear a shorter duster with shoe height so you will look long and lean.

Sneakers are all the rage for fall and it is stylish to wear them with pants, skirts and dresses. You will also find them with a bit of a wedge as well as decorated with metallic colors. Comfort and style is definitely in this fall.

Long Tunics
Invest in long tunics that fall below the waist and cover the buttocks and hit the thigh areas. You can wear them with leggings, skinny jeans and slacks. This will create a long and lean look. Make sure the tunic is slightly fitted and not too over sized. Otherwise you will wider instead of longer.
Get Help:
Are you ready to refresh your wardrobe? Are you tired of the same old pieces in your closet and need a new look? Or do you have clothing in your closet but not sure what coordinates with them?
Get expert help with a Wardrobe Consultation. I can help you edit and organize your wardrobe, purge your closet, create stylish and comfortable outfits, coordinate accessories and provide you with a list of recommended items to complete your wardrobe.

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  You can have Comfort & Style – 3 Must Haves for Fall This has been a dilemma for quite a while. Do you dress for the latest fashion trends or do you want to be comfortable? At last, designers are getting it, especially for women over 50; you can now…

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Is Boxed Dressing for You? Workwear Kits for Women: A Breakthrough or a Bore? Some women feel boxed in by the prescriptive work wardrobes that services like MM.LaFleur deliver based on your career needs. Others can’t imagine life without them The Elements…

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  I took my husband to breakfast this morning and as a gentleman was leaving the restaurant he walked over to our table and told my husband to Have a very Happy Father’s Day! When I received the bill, the same man had paid $20.00 on our bill and wrote a…

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                    BY GILLIAN JUDGE Published: April 20, 2017 Q: What can pausing look like? A: There are three major paths I saw: the Cruiser, the Boomeranger, and the Pivoter. Cruisers—who made up 20 percent of the respondents—downshifted to part-time…

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From the best smelling and soothing candles to an invigorating Hot Stone Pedicure, these tactics are ones that I certainly enjoy, and can do over and over again.                         A hug or spending time with your kids is the best gift for Mother’s…

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Jump Into Spring: 3 Ways to Boost Your Style!

It is imperative to maintain an up-to-date look with your appearance, especially if you’re still working, job hunting, speaking in front of groups, or making pitches. I’ve worked with hiring managers who did not select people due to how they looked. They…

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It takes just seven seconds. I’m sure you are already aware of how important first impressions are. But you may not be aware that the first impression is only a seven-second window of the initial meeting. This means that when it comes to an interviewing…

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I love watching the “Red Carpet” fashion events of award shows and this years’ 2017 Oscars red carpet was no exception. I expected more vibrant colors, but the climate was more neutral and subdued than recent ones. Still it was a great variety of fashion.…
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