Last night I was trying desperately to get to 1K, but I kept falling asleep. Tonight, I go to look at the last bit I wrote so I can start again. Here is what I have:

She opened her mouth to ask, then closed it again. Though Hallie was usually the one who asked even when it didn't make sense to laugh, even when the table looked like something from an old circus.

"Keep your ears open," Hallie said to Maker. "I don't know what's going on," she continued. "I don't know if it involves the living or the dead or anything in between. But I know that one person's died already and whoever's involved it can't be good.

Maker gave her a bow. If questioned, it would have claimed that it wasn't a bow, that it wasn't asking anything, because it didn't, it never asked. It either did what it wanted or followed Hallie or some nearby luch or roae

Yeah, I have no idea.
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