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Owned by dogs.
Owned by dogs.

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So, a few weeks ago, Blue was in a Variable Surface Tracking test, which is 6-800 yards long, one- to two-thirds non-vegetative, 3 to 5 hours old, with 4 articles (leather, cloth, plastic, metal). He did pretty well, but missed the third article. This is his track in the picture. The third article was about in the middle of the 6th leg--a handkerchief folded v. flat to the size of a credit card. He was on the track at the beginning of the leg and the end of the leg, but not where the article was, didn't do an article search (or only a tiny one) and just totally missed it.

Did well otherwise, finished the test and found all the rest, but--fail (which, the pass rate is 5% so he did actually do really well and I am proud of him).

However, since the test, two friends both with really good tracking dogs have run this same track. Both dogs missed the third article. This article is on grass in a big open area. It should not be tricky. It is. Very interesting.

+Jenn Reese calls it the Bermuda Triangle of tracking.

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The ARC for WIDE OPEN. Got it in the mail today. It is lovely. I think I will take it every where I go. :)

Last night I was trying desperately to get to 1K, but I kept falling asleep. Tonight, I go to look at the last bit I wrote so I can start again. Here is what I have:

She opened her mouth to ask, then closed it again. Though Hallie was usually the one who asked even when it didn't make sense to laugh, even when the table looked like something from an old circus.

"Keep your ears open," Hallie said to Maker. "I don't know what's going on," she continued. "I don't know if it involves the living or the dead or anything in between. But I know that one person's died already and whoever's involved it can't be good.

Maker gave her a bow. If questioned, it would have claimed that it wasn't a bow, that it wasn't asking anything, because it didn't, it never asked. It either did what it wanted or followed Hallie or some nearby luch or roae

Yeah, I have no idea.

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Last week,+Jenn Reese posted a link about reusable water bottles, which got me thinking about getting better water bottles for tracking.

When tracking, I want one that I can carry, one that pours quickly and, ideally a bottle that I can open single-handed. This is water for the dog and so I have a dog on a long line and harness and need to get out water, bowl, open and pour with one hand if possible, also pour fast so not a bottle with a straw or sport opening ideally. Then put it all away without wasting any time.

Today I went to target and picked up two of these:

I also got one which I can't find a picture of, but has this on the side:

Sometimes I think my first drafts should be strewn with [important clue goes here] instead of wrong-headed stuff I have to take out later. But if I didn't put the wrong-headed stuff in, I would never be able to point to it three drafts later and say: OMG that is EXACTLY WHAT IS NEEDED to make everything work.

(Process is a mysterious thing)

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My public service message for the day:

--Designer breeds are not actually breeds (Labradoodle--not a breed. Cavashon--not a breed).
--Hybrid vigor does not result from breeding one badly bred dog to another badly bred dog.
--Reputable breeders do not sell puppies to pet stores. If a breeder sells puppies to a pet store, they are not a reputable breeder.
--A new 'breed' must breed true for 10 generations. This means consistent in type and genetics, not just 'we had 10 litters'. This means 50 years or more. And there must be records.
--Reputable breeders do the health checks for their breed before they breed their dogs. If you want to know what the appropriate health checks are for a breed, go to and click on CHIC Breeds.
--Reputable breeders offer guarantees, will rescue their own dogs when necessary, care about the betterment of their breed, and generally own one or maybe two breeds.
--Your local shelter and breed rescue organizations are also excellent places to look for puppies and adult dogs.
--Mixed breed dogs can also be awesome, but what kind of an adult dog they will be can sometimes be a guessing game.
--Sometimes you're just lucky and get the greatest dog in the world from the most unprepossessing sources. But there are things that will increase the likelihood of succcess.

I was under the assumption that clicking on Stream would show me posts for everyone in my circles. Apparently that was an exercise in craziness. Yeesh!I

So, that UPS package that I never received? That they said they delivered? That they've already replaced? My neighbor just brought me the original package, which has been sitting on his front porch for two weeks. :)

Five words that strike fear into an IT professional's heart: "We've got some equipment that's been donated."
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