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This really is cute but creepy. 
North Korea children playing the guitar. Cute yet Creepy as hell.

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Ingress #Giveaway ! You have until 12pm PST tomorrow. Who still needs an invite?

All you have to do is, Please +1 and Reshare this post!

#ingress   #ingresspasscode   #ingressinvite   #resistance   #enlightened   #android   #androidgames  

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner. Congrats +An Rui you are the winner.

Thanks and appreciate everyone for participating in this giveaway. We wish had more invites. We'll share when we get more. We're locking the post and closing the comments.

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Here's something awesome to counter all the sad news we see:

I have a bunch of Google Music invites if anybody wants one.

Ever get so angry that you want to start smashing things? Talk with me, we can go break stuff together. Now.
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