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Half Day Food Walk of Old Delhi

 Here we cover the sights, sounds and the delicious food of Old Delhi in its chaotic and crowded streets. This comprises of Chandni Chowk, Chawadi Bazaar and Spice Market. This is one of the mind boggling places in Delhi housing markets and houses around 100 years old. As you take pictures of crowds, various people, old markets and food joints you will also get to devour mouth watering street food from joints older than a 100 years.


PRICE: INR 6000  for one guest. INR 3500 for each guest after that

INCLUSIVE OF: Lunch, Food tasting, 7-10 dishes from 5-7 different places. Entry fee for monuments.

ATTRACTIONS : Spice Market, Chawadi Bazar, Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk, Kinari Bazar, Lal Kuan and a few other streets and markets.

TRANSPORT: Pickup and drop from central Delhi.

#photowalk #foodwalk #foodtour #delhi #phototours
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Photo Walk Of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal trip is once in a life time kind of journey and the memories of must stay fresh forever. Even in the days of selfies, selfie sticks and easy to use cameras, there is still nothing better than someone else, preferably a photographer taking your picture in front of Taj Mahal. A photo walk of Taj Mahal with a professional photographer helps you do exactly this as well as enjoy every moment your Agra visit without having to worry about how to get the perfect photograph which you can share with family and friends back home.  You can just focus on enjoying beauty of the Taj Mahal among other places as the guides helps you get acquainted with the ancient history and intricate details while the photographer takes professional quality pictures. All of these photo walks in Agra are private to ensure personal touch and maximum customisation.

 #tajmahal #taj #india #agra #photowalk #phototour #photography

Photo Tour of Monuments of Delhi

During the course of it’s history , many kings from various dynasties have ruled over the Delhi city. Different parts of Delhi were ruled by different dynasties and gave each part its unique character, including the forts, palaces and monuments. Some of these monuments are still in good condition now whereas some others are in ruins. A large number of monuments such as the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Jantar Mantar, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Old Fort, Tuglaqabad Fort and many others are still standing tall in their pride and glory. It is next to impossible to cover even half of these in a day.

Depending on the amount of time you want to spend in photographing these monuments, we can cover some important ones. This includes the entry to the monuments, food, water and transportation so that you can concentrate on relishing the views and photograph these ancient structures.

Photography Tour of Delhi Monuments-Half Day photo tours of delhi monuments

TIME DURATION: 5-6 hours

PRICE: INR 6000 for one guest. INR 4000 for each additional guest.

INCLUSIVE OF: Lunch, Entry fee for monuments

MONUMENTS COVERED: Humayun’s Tomb,  India Gate, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, RajPath, JanPath, Agrasen Ki Baoli.

TRANSPORT FACILITIES: Pickup and drop in central Delhi.

Photography Tour of Delhi Monuments-Full Day

TIME DURATION: 8-9 hours

PRICE: INR 9000 for one guest. INR 5000  for each additional guest.

INCLUSIVE OF:  Snacks, Lunch, Entry fee of monuments

MONUMENTS COVERED: Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, RajPath, Jantar Mantar, Jan Path, President’s House.

TRANSPORT FACILITIES: Pickup and drop in central Delhi.

#photowalk #delhi #india #newdelhi #phototour #phototours #photowalks
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Must do activities and tours In Agra

Agra is among top most visited tourist destinations in India for Taj Mahal. Not many people know that it was the capital of Mughal empire under 3 kings and has much more to see and discover than just Taj Mahal. We operate different types of day tours to Agra which help you explore this historical city in an informative and fun filled way. These Agra tours include much more than just Taj Mahal sightseeing:

 Agra Heritage Tour

 This heritage tour covers the history as well the must visit  sights of Agra city and is a good choice for tourists who wish to know the lesser known aspects of city in detail.  These tours are led by guides with extensive experience and most of them have advanced degrees in history. So you can rest assured that the history you will hear will be as close to original as possible.

Photo walk Taj Mahal Agra

An excellent choice for photography enthusiasts, this photo tour of Agra helps you click some great photos of yourself and places you visit under the guidance of an expert photographer. The photography guide can help you to take some great pictures of Taj Mahal and other places yourself. Additionally, you can also ask the guide to take professional quality pictures of you and sights for your own use. This way, you can focus on enjoying the place rather than worrying about getting good photos.

Places covered:

Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Itmad-Ud-Daulah Tomb, Agra bazaar and some other places of interest depending upon preferences of the guests.


INR 8300 per guest on twin sharing. INR 3200 for each extra guest.

 For a single guest : INR 15500.

 Add a photographer to your tour group for just INR 4000.

 Photography Tour of Taj Mahal, Agra

 An excellent choice for photography enthusiasts, this Photo walk Agra helps you click some great photos of yourself and places you visit under the guidance of an expert photographer. The photography guide can help you to take some great pictures of Taj Mahal and other places yourself. Additionally, you can also ask the guide to take professional quality pictures of you and sights for your own use. This way, you can focus on enjoying the place rather than worrying about getting good photos.  Heritage tour Taj Mahal Agra

#tajmahal #agra #travel #tour #photowalk #phototour #heritagetour #heritagewalk


Per guest on twin sharing basis: INR 9500.  Cost for each extra guest: INR 3200

 Cost for single guest: INR 17500

 Inclusions in all tours

 Pickup and drop in an air-conditioned car from New Delhi.

 Indian lunch in a restaurant, bottled water.

 Entry tickets of all monuments, all taxes, toll fees.

 A well qualified guide with good English skills. Translators for other languages available on request.

 Optional Add-ons:

 Include sightseeing in Fatehour Sikri. Cost INR 2500 per guest.

 Street food tasting in Agra. Cost INR 2200 per guest.

 Female guide depending upon availability.

 Taj Mahal sightseeing early morning or at evening.

 NOTE: If you are in Agra or some other city except New Delhi, then the prices will be different.  Contact us to get  prices in such a case.
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Agra Photography Tour

This photography tour of Agra lets you explore and photograph most worth visiting monuments of Agra city not just limited to Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Your photography guide helps you understand the lesser known details of each place you visit and rich history of this ancient city. This is an excellent choice for casual as well as dedicated photographers who want to take some memorable professional quality pictures to keep the memories of their trip to Taj Mahal fresh for a life time. Instead of worrying about finding good spots to take pictures or how to take them, you can rely on the expertise of your photography guide to make sure that your photos are the best and will be more than just worth sharing with friends and family.

INCLUDES Taj Mahal photography tour

Pick-up drop from Delhi in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Lunch, bottled water and entrance fees and all taxes.

Services of a photography guide.

Photography and sightseeing in Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and some other monuments and markets of Agra.


Early departure from Delhi or late departure from Agra for early morning or late evening photography.

Rental of photography gear.


After pickup from Delhi, the driver takes you to Agra where the local guide meets you and takes you on the guided heritage tour of Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and some other places of interest. Lunch from a high quality restaurant is provided during the tour. Drop back in Delhi after the tour is over.


INR 9500 per guest on twin sharing basis. INR 3500 for each additional guest.

INR 17500 for a solo tour.
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Poha Recipe
Poha is famous almost in every state of India, in Maharashtra ‪#‎poha‬ is also eaten with jalebi. In Maharashtra, kanda poha is very popular .

1 Cup of beaten ‪#‎rice‬.
¼ cup crushed groundnuts.
¼ cup ‪#‎coconut‬ grated.
¼ cup coriander leaves.
1 stalk curry leaves.
¼ tsp. – sugar.
Salt to taste.
5- Green chillies.
1 tsp. lime juice.
1.5 tbsp. oil.
2 onions chopped.
1 small ‪#‎potato‬ chopped.
½ tsp each cumin seeds & mustard seeds.
Wash poha till clean.
In a heavy sauce pan, heat the oil and add seeds and then potatoes.
Add onion, green chillies and curry leaves after stirring for 2-3 minutes.
Stir and ‪#‎fry‬ onions till tender.
Add poha and other ingredients.
Adjust salt and lime.
Garnish with the remaining coconut and coriander.
Serve hot with tea or coffee.

‪#‎recipe‬ ‪#‎cooking‬ ‪#‎cookingclass‬ ‪#‎india‬ ‪#‎indianfood‬
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Uttarakhand pilgrimage trek

Uttarakhand has some of the holiest religious destinations for Hindus from all over the world. Some of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites such as Kedarnath, Badrinath, Joshimath and many others are situated in pristine‪#‎Himalayan‬ mountains away from the hustle and trouble of human civilisation. Most of these pilgrimage sites are fairly inaccessible even now and are open to travelers and pilgrims only for a few months in a year. Glaciers of two holiest rivers in India, ‪#‎Ganga‬ and ‪#‎Yamuna‬ are also in the same region and are called ‪#‎Gangotri‬ and ‪#‎Yamunotri‬. Visit to some of these places is considered a must do for Hindus. A lot of pilgrims travel to the glaciers and bring back sacred water from these glaciers as a religious ritual.

A lot of people visit these places not just for spiritual satisfaction but also to explore nature. Some of the places are visited by tens of thousands of pilgrims every month while they are open while others get only a few due to difficulty of terrain and weather.
We arrange treks and journeys to various such sites in ‪#‎Uttarakhand‬ for tourists from all over the world. Some tourists want to visit these places in company of pilgrims while others like to do it when the pilgrims are still away. We cater to both type of tourists and help them explore the nature as well as the spiritual side of Himalayas as they wish. There are no set plans or tour packages and each tour itinerary is designed according to needs of guests, time period and local conditions like amount of rush, weather etc.

Services Provided:

TRANSPORT : ‪#‎Trek‬ on foot and car for long distance, Bus,Train or Air.
ACCOMMODATION: ‪#‎Campsites‬, small guesthouses, 3hotels.
ACTIVITIES: ‪#‎Trekking‬, ‪#‎Camping‬, ‪#‎Mountain‬ climbing, ‪#‎Bird‬ watching,‪#‎Meditation‬, ‪#‎Hiking‬, ‪#‎Yoga‬, ‪#‎Pilgrimage‬
DURATION: Variable
MEALS: Variable
COST: Variable
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We provide you with various Yoga sessions in two different 1 hour timings, i.e., at the time around sunrise (5-6 AM) and sunset (6-7 PM). These yoga sessions will be held by expert and qualified ‪#‎Yoga‬ instructors. Additionally, various Yoga techniques will be used such as Joint and wrist movements, twisting, and bending, Yoga Postures such as Shalabh Asan, Palm tree Pose, Bikram, Anulom-Vilom, and Kapalbhati. These asanas and techniques will help you groom up your physical geometry.

Yoga is not like any other ‪#‎exercise‬ and hence, it’s best recommended to be done with empty stomach. When you practice Yoga, it’s necessary for you to learn that how to drink water before and after Yoga sessions, plus what food you should consume before and after Yoga classes. Now, considering the fact that Yoga Asanas works quite well when approached with healthy Organic dietary food, we provide the same in our packages. We provide light, organic food before and after every Yoga sessions. Like if you are doing Yoga in the morning, a cup of tea or a lime juice with honey is good enough to start. After the classes, some light food such as fresh juices or cornflakes or other organic foods are provided.

At last, our ‪#‎Yog‬ ‪#‎guru‬ or instructors are available for your personal assistance or enquiry regarding your special food charts, or any specific disease related yoga Asanas for you. Our service provides you all this at an easy to afford prices

We have come up with the short Yoga packages for a 1-1 hour session plans for early morning and evening. Our Yoga packages are available with healthy Indian food plans which vary according to the time duration. So come up with positive mentality, feel the relaxation of your body, and you will see a drastic improvement in your health within a short span of time.

We will make sure that food lovers are not disheartened as we know how to keep the balance.
‪#‎foodyoga‬ ‪#‎lifestyle‬ ‪#‎india‬

Stay Healthy..!!
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Single Day Rishikesh Tour On A Bike

Grab this opportunity to go for Bike (motorcycle) rides around ‪#‎Rishikesh‬, hitting all the different corners of Rishikesh. You may enjoy the natural ambience and wish to relax and rejuvenate or alternatively go for some high intensity a#dventure ‪#‎sport‬ like bungee jumping or ‪#‎rafting‬. You can also request a car instead of ‪#‎bikes‬.

Tour Itinerary :

Starting after the sunrise, we head towards Kunjapuri ‪#‎temple‬ (1600 m altitude) and from there to Ram jhula where we have breakfast in one of the fine dining restaurants.

After enjoying breakfast, we ride to Vashishta ‪#‎cave‬. A lovely little cave, by the ‪#‎Ganga‬ ‪#‎river‬, this place is really peaceful and beautiful. Observe the beauty of nature, click a few pictures or else you can meditate.

We then proceed to Neer Gadu or Gadu Chatto falls and spend some quality time basking in the wonderful setting .

We now can undertake on of these:
1) Visit to the Neelkanth Mahadev temple and returning to Rishikesh
2) Adventure sports such as bungee jumping, zip lining, or giant swing. Rafting or kayaking may also be done, if time permits.

Services Provided
TRANSPORT : In private or shared car with driver, bike or foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Not applicable.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to medium.
ACTIVITIES: Trekking, Bird watching, Meditation, Hiking, sightseeing, bike rides;
MEALS: Breakfast, lunch,
‪#‎adventure‬ ‪#‎India‬ ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎daytour‬ ‪#‎uttarakhand‬
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The land of the Exotic Taj Mahal, the eternal symbol of everlasting love, come fall in love with our Agra Tour. Agra tour has more than the Taj Mahal, explore the Mughal architecture in its full glory with a tour package to Agra.
Agra, the capital of Mughal India from 1556 to 1658, is a land of variety and beauty. Agra is situated in Central India on the banks of Yamuna. The optimised and customised Agra tour we offer you, will make you fall in love with this epitome of beautiful Mughal Architecture.
Agra as we all know, is famous for Taj Mahal which forms the central part of the Agra Tour. Taj Mahal was completed in 1653 to commemorate Mughal Emperor Shahjehan’s beloved wife, Mumtaj Mahal. The Taj Mahal took 22 years and 20000 workers to build and rightly so. For if you look at this eternal symbol of love, you will notice the remarkable work and labour that has gone into its making. It is acknowledged in modern day architecture for its symmetry and is counted as one of the seven wonders of modern world.

The Agra Tour keeps this piece of history and love in mind for you while customising your travel to Agra. However there is more to Agra other then the beautiful Taj. A little way out is the famous Sikandra Fort which was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar and completed by his son, Jehangir. Akbar had showered all his love in making this magnificent tomb which bears the testimony of the Mughal empires love for arts, crafts and buildings.

But if you think Sikandra Fort was the ultimate evidence of Mughal Architecture, you are mistaken. Fatehpur Sikri is another towering example of the grandiose Mughal extravagance. The Buland Darwaza Diwan-i-Khas, which was built for private visitors to Emperor Akbar is considered the crowning glory of Mughal masterpieces.

‪#‎agra‬ ‪#‎tajmahal‬ ‪#‎india‬ ‪#‎incredible‬ ‪#‎heritage‬ #India ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎tourism‬
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Spiti Road Trip in one week

Come and explore the grandeur of Spiti valley in as few as 7 days without missing out on any major attractions. Taking the Shimla Dhankar route to‪#‎Spiti‬, instead of the Manali Gramphu route, we ensure reliability and accessibility. The duration is 7 days, but we are compliant to suit your requirements.

Day 1: Shimla – Sarahan – Reckong Peo
We start our road trip from Shimla, after breakfast to reach Kinnaur. Pick up can be arranged from Chandigarh as long as it is early in the morning. We expect to reach Reckong Peo by dusk if we are met by favorable roads and less traffic. On arrival we recommend a long walk into the nearby village and exploring the surroundings.

Day 2: Reckong Peo – Nako – Tabo
In Reckong Peo, foreign nationals need to get a permit, which takes few minutes of our time. We now stop at Nako ‪#‎village‬ and have lunch. Post lunch we enjoy trekking to the village to drink in the sights and rest a while. From here we drive back to Tabo, where we again enjoy some sight seeing before we retire.

Day 3: Tabo – Dhankar
We spend daybreak visiting the legendary and holy Tabo monastery. We also have the opportunity to feel the serenity and peace of the monks by visiting the wonderful caves where the monks meditate. An early lunch and we resume our trip to Dhankar, the capital of ancient Spiti. Here we see the ruins of the Dhankar fort. Time permitting, we may also view the famous “ Three cornered Buddha statue “ in Lalung.

Day 4: Dhankar – Ki – Kibber
Dawn breaks and we are surrounded with rare birds around the Dhankar‪#‎lake‬. You may be able to click a few pictures of the exotic wildlife there. From there, we go to Kibber, passing Ki village as we witness the magnificent Ki monastery atop a hill. A drive to the largest village in the region- Kibber and again we have the rare opportunity to see wild ‪#‎birds‬and Spitian ‪#‎animals‬.

Day 5: Kibber – Kaza
We take a drive to Kaza post breakfast. Kaza is the largest town of the district . Here we spend our time dwelling in the simple sights of the urbanized town. A look at the valley and you will see a stupendous view of the shimmer of the Spiti ‪#‎river‬ beside the ‪#‎mountain‬. We follow the route to Shilla ‪#‎valley‬, which is on high altitude and where you will find locals grazing their herds of livestock. A chance awaits to volunteer to help them .

Day 6: Kaza – Kalpa
We now head to the amazing apple ‪#‎orchards‬ of Kalpa village from Kaza. A wonderful array of colorful and green ambience surrounds you as you enjoy your picnic there. Enjoy some volunteer work and help the villagers with their daily tasks. And as you retire for the day, you will be rewarded with a typical Spitian dinner.

Day 7: Kalpa – Sarahan – Shimla
And here comes the end to a fascinating tour as we drive back to Shimla. We pass Sarhan on the way, where we can enjoy momos and say good bye to the breath taking view as we reach Shimla in the evening.

‪#‎himalayas‬ ‪#‎india‬ ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎tour‬

TRANSPORT : In a private car or SUV with driver.
ACCOMMODATION: In hotels, guest houses and campsites.
ACTIVITIES: Camping, Trekking, Bird watching, Jungle safari, Cultural activities,
PHYSICAL LEVEL: Any one. Almost anyone can do it without any problem
FOOD: Breakfast on all days.
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