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My name is Cindy Weilbrenner Dahlen was born in Baldwin Park California went to school also in Baldwin Park California lived in Baldwin Park for many years, my first born son Christopher was also born their as well. My second son Travis was born in Covina, right next to Baldwin Park. I was born in 1957 and now it being 2012 almost 2013 seems to be almost impossible, but it is and now I am almost 56 and can't believe how fast time has gone by.My oldest son is going to be 36 in Feb. and my youngest son is 24. I have one Grandson and he is going on four years old. 
I really am sure that most introductions are basically all the same in a lot of ways. We talk about are families and where we live and so on. What I really would like to write a long with how great my sons and grandson are is where are those that at one time in are lives was also family, and how the internet brings some of those friends back that you still feel are family which is though e-mails mostly, and to me if it was not for those friends that we did or do have then or still, there might not be a whole lot to say today for some of us. I feel that if I did not have those friends back then, that I may not have been able to write about how great my Sons and my Grandsons are today and how my son Travis is a awesomes Father. I am proud of all those that were and still are a part of my life and that also goes with the new friends that I also have met recently, that are helping me be a better person and also are helping me get though things that without them I don't think I would be doing as well as I am. Thank-you all and also, I am proud of myself and my faith in a higher power that I believe Is GOD and without him and all of the above I would not be who I am today. To tell you the truth . I love myself. I do. and I am Proud of it. I hope that you can say the same thing about your selves.
thanks for sticking around to finish what I do have to say or had to say and I hope that all who reads this and so on will also be as proud of all of the good things in life that are real. Take care and God Bless u all and also those that believe in a higher power of some sort. Bye, hope to c some or all of my friends soon. 

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I have two wonderful sons and also and grandson that I love so much and when I see him or even think of how sweet and dear to me he is always puts a big smile on my face. well and also my sons too of course.
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