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LightTable is an interactive IDE that lets you modify running programs with real time feed back. Great to code HTML5 canvas in JavaScript to show interactive graphics.
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+Scott Monty Ford Yammer just passed the 20,000 members mark. I remember your first post in Yammer. Ford Sync and Yammer are both based on Microsoft. What about Ford Car Yammer Edition? 
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I am happy to report the Ford Yammer network just passed the 20,000 members mark. #yamanalysis +Yammer
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Wear your pasta. The Farfalle Bowtie. +Scott Monty
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Cows love Jazz. Made me smile. Enjoy Jazz for Cows.
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Bye, bye November. In Germany this November 2011 has been the driest month ever since records began 130 years ago, with many weather stations not registering a single drop of rain. Welcome December.
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What we can learn from the Dutch. Cycling for everyone. Ford, a new market to capture!
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Where are you today? - A Google+ Photo experiment #RippleExperiment - Please join in and Share.

To join in:
> Take a picture of you (using your mobile device, preferably with location enabled).
> email it to:

What happens then?
> Images go to a private album (to protect against spam / abuse etc).
> Submissions are open for one day 24(ish) hrs only.
> After which I'll move the images to a new public public album and include a link to the album map (hence location preferred).
Once the album is published do you can tag yourself if you wish so people can find your profile.

Why this experiment?
> I'm interested in user generated content and submission.
> I'm testing ideas (for work).
> I'm interested in how one reaches people outside of your own network (please share this post to help the experiment spread).

F A Q:
" I don't want to submit an image of me, do I have to? "

The point is to generate an album and album map of people on (and off) this network. If you don't want an image of you in the album don't join in (but feel free to share the experiment).

" Must my image include location? "

No, but if you don't it won't be shown on the album map.

" Do I retain copyright of my image? "

No. I've said that to be on the safe side, but having said that I won't do anything nasty with them and only intend to use / publish them as described.

" Darn it, I didn't see it in time. Can I still play? "

No, but I'm sure there will be other people / chances for experiments of a similar nature.

" This is a great idea. Can I use it? "

It won't be a great idea if you don't join in and share it. This experiment runs for 24hrs. Let's try this one first and you can do your thing later ;-)

" Have you thought of everything? "

Probably not.

I'll add further common questions which pop up in the comments later so check the original post for additional FAQs and discussion.
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I'm a proud Ford employee! Download a Ford badge via
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