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Collaborate, Design & Create Super Cloud Systems
Collaborate, Design & Create Super Cloud Systems


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SuperGoopal  - Super Cloud Systems
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Designing, Collaborating & Creating Super Sites to Super Cloud Systems.

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IOT & The Physical WebAI, Cognition, Neural Networks & Machine Learning
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I guess that I need to shave...

Does this artwork look like me? Try with your own #selfie at #GoogleArts

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MSC Poster | Roles for mesenchymal stem cells as medicinal signaling cells

"Understanding the in vivo identity and function of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is vital to fully exploiting their therapeutic potential. New data are emerging that demonstrate previously undescribed roles of MSCs in vivo. Understanding the behavior of MSCs in vivo is crucial as recent results suggest these additional roles enable MSCs to function as medicinal signaling cells. This poster focuses on the characteristics of MSCs that have been demonstrated to be similar to those of pericytes located around the microvasculature, defined as perivascular MSCs (pMSCs).This poster is freely available online thanks to support from STEMCELL Technologies"

#StemCells #SignalingCells #RegenerativeMedicine

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MSC | Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

"Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine". We hosted Professor Arnold Caplan, Ph.D., Director of Skeletal Research Center at Case Western Reserve University."

#StemCells #SignalCells #RegenerativeMedicine

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Mini Pinball 10: Designing a Super Case

"In this episode, Ben designs and cuts the plywood enclosure for the mini pinball machine. It’s all tabbed together with screws and nuts. The playfield opens up to access the board."

#Electronics #Pinball #LaserCutting

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EV adoption | Fully Charged

"Erik Fairbairn, the founder & CEO of POD Point, kindly agreed to show Fully Charged his inspiring presentation about the “EV tipping Point” and the current barriers to EV adoption."

#EVs #Electric #Batteries

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Drawing with Peter: Let's Get Started on a Doodle

#DoodleLab #Doodle #GoDoDoodles 1=D

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The Learning Circuit - Basic Tools & Wire

"Karen goes over wires and wire tools, and gives advice on selecting the right hand tools to get you started making circuits. Wire is the artery through which electricity flows. See more Karen at The Learning Circuit:"

#Electronics #Circuits

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Weekly Linux News - Jan 9th, 2018

"The Linux news of the week for January 9th, 2018! Topics include: the surprising return of Lindows / Linspire / Freespire and continued activity (and benchmarks) related to the recent CPU bugs and vulnerabilities."

#CPUs #Meltdown #Spectre
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