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SuperGoopal - Super Cloud Systems
Collaborate, Design & Create Super Cloud Systems
Collaborate, Design & Create Super Cloud Systems


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SuperGoopal  - Super Cloud Systems
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Designing, Collaborating & Creating Super Sites to Super Cloud Systems.

Live Streaming Videos, Updates, Information & Reviews.
Research for +SuperGoopal Apps.

Open Web Apps, GL, VR, AR & Sites

Creative, Crafts, Art & Design

Animation, Music, Audio, Video & VFX

Entrepreneurs, Business Systems, Marketing & Sales

Docs, Cloud Systems, Apps Script, & Big Data

Mobile Applications, Gaming, Native AR & VR

CAD, Game Engines, Development & 2D, 3D Gaming

Maker, 3D Printing & Engineering

Electronics, Robots, Wearables, Nano Technology & Science

Operating Systems & Virtual Machines

IOT & The Physical WebAI, Cognition, Neural Networks & Machine Learning
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Sunday Teacher Talk

#Teaching #Live

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This Man Thinks He Knows What Causes All Disease | Dr. Steven Gundry on Health Theory

#Protein #AnimalProteins #Meat

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5 Favorite Episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation ► CBG19 Clips

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Constellation of Leo | TakeBackYourCity

..'member the peeps who told you LEO was a Swan Shape, they are the non schooled/non college 'go to school/college ' generation still running and ruining the planet still, as Lazy Landlords!

They don't give a fk whether anyone else gets any chance to succeed!

Have some ballz.. 1:P
#TakeBackYourCity #HomesForAll

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25 Tattoo Artists Discuss the Face Tattoo Trend | INKED Talk

#Inked #Artist #InkArtists
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