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Collaborate, Design & Create Super Cloud Systems
Collaborate, Design & Create Super Cloud Systems


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Actions on Google, Android P Developer Preview, New in Chrome 65 & More! - TL;DR 103

Actions on Google →
Android P Developer Preview → Android Things Developer Preview → New in Chrome 65 → Firebase Crashlytics →
Google Cloud Platform CLI →

Today’s TL;DR is led by Google Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan. The TL;DR is where you can stay up to date on all the latest developer news from across our developer teams at Google.

#GoogleActions #AndroidP #AndroidThings

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PROJECTIONS, Episode 41: Rec Room Quests and Zero Latency

"We've gushed about Rec Room for a while now, and devote this week's episode to discussing why it's such a great introduction to virtual reality and how its multiplayer quests have real depth. Rec Room's latest quest--Island of the Lost Skulls--is one of the best VR experiences we've had yet. Plus, Norm talks about playing the Zero Latency location-based room-scale VR game. "

#VR #RecRoom #VRExperiences

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Super Glue Gun & Mini Pinball: Which One Gets the Axe?

"Now that the Super Glue Gun is finished, the Mini Pinball is near completion, and they’ve got a Pi Portable in hand, James Ray returns to the show to talk about product viability. James Ray was on a few months ago to talk about the Hex Board Game. He works with Avid, a company that is part of Avnet, the parent company of element14, on bringing products to market and evaluating them on their manufacturability. Visit the Ben Heck Page: Hack Like Heck Competition: Visit The Learning Circuit: Visit sudo Sergeant: Visit Project14: In today’s episode, they’ll connect over skype to talk about the Super Glue Gun, the Mini Pinball, and the Pi Portable. They conversation begins with a Pi Portable analysis. The Pi Portable is a Raspbery Pi, a screen, and a keyboard that is all driven by the GPIO. To do this there was a lot of hand wiring that was done. The team is thinking that if the all the hand wiring done. If this could be done as a PCB, you could simply plug it into an existing Pi. James suggests the compute module as an option. The drawback would be that they would need to add a SODIMM slot and that requires too much space. The other option would be to do a custom Pi. You would basically take all the Pi internals and do a single PCB that would include all your requirements. James goes over specifics on what Avid can offer them if they go that route. Next they move onto an analysis of the Super Glue Gun and Mini Pinball. They analyze both builds and decide which one to keep and which one to lose."

#Electronics #Engineering #GlueGun

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Joe Rogan on How Social Media Is Damaging Humans

"Joe Rogan talks to Sebastian Junger about how smartphones and social media are having a negative effect on humanity on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, JRE 1034. Full podcast - "
#SocialMedia #WeaponisedBlandness #Communication

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Ultra Fast Chargers | Fully Charged News

"Johnny and Robert cover some recent electric car and charging infrastructure stories. And carjacking. "


Jaguar I-Pace

350 kW chargers:



EV Carjack:


#FastChargers #EVs #ElectricCharging

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The ULTIMATE Way to Make VR CONTENT - LIV Mixed Reality!

#MixedReality #VR #VFX

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Metzengerstein ~ Edgar Allan Poe (Audiobook and Art)
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