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Amanda Davey
Lifelong learner and teacher helping others to achieve their goals.
Lifelong learner and teacher helping others to achieve their goals.

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We all know that headlines are important. In fact they are an essential attention grabbing component of content. The wrong headline can prove costly in terms of traffic, conversion and... well you know the rest.

I'm about to try this Chrome browser extension that can make creating headlines much easier. The reason I'm so keen to give it a go is I'm also going to try a new companion tool, Winnr (a WP plugin). This new plugin split tests headlines (without changing permalinks) and allows you to have the best performing headline used for your blog post! How cool is that. Create a range of headlines with Headlinr and then split test with Winnr. Will definitely have to document how this goes on my blog.

Did I mention that Headlinr is free?

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Love the idea of an Ascension Plan. Proper funnels are still often overlooked.

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A fantastic library of books up for grabs in a giveaway! Love giveaways and I love books. These are great books I've entered :)

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A great way to help students understand the power of the internet.

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Great video shared by Sherry. I'm currently reading Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula book and recommend it to anyone who is interested in creating their own products.

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You can never have too many tools in your tool box and everyone loves a bargain or free. To have a list of 300 free tools to look through is a great opportunity.

I can't wait to find some new ones in this selection.

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Love Speed Dial for organising my bookmarks visually and making them quick and easy to use.

I tend to use the flat view but the 3d view is pretty cool.

#productivityapps   #productivityhacks   #Productivity  

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Are you suffering from fear of rejection? According to Brendan Burchard it's irrational and unnecessary.

If you need to move past that fear then this video will help.

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This quick talk will certainly get you thinking and challenging your assumptions about making fast cash.

Creativity and thinking outside the box are key skills needed for success.

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A very interesting video for anyone and everyone. As a teacher SMART goals were everywhere and drove everything.

There was no 'dreaming big' and though I wanted help my pupils reach for the stars that wasn't a SMART goal appropriate target!

Of course they have a place but let's dream big, reach for the stars and be an inspiration to others and to ourselves.
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