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Sandra Peoples
Finding Faith & Friendship For The Special Needs Journey
Finding Faith & Friendship For The Special Needs Journey

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Today's the last day to enter our book giveaway from mom and author +Linda Aalderink  Click on the page below and enter a chance to win. It's easy!
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Is a happy marriage possible for parents of kids with #specialneeds?  Mom, Life Coach, and author +Laurie Wallin shares more:
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Sometimes in life, things don't go your way. Your child with #autism doesn't make the progress you hoped for. Your insurance company denied approval for therapy. Your spouse decided this "wasn't the life for me."

 Who else desperately needs to know that God has a plan for you--a perfect plan--one better than you could ever imagine or understand?

Dad and author +greg lucas shares more:
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We have a 4000+ community of parents that want you to know that you're not alone on your special needs journey.

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Great on-demand Hangout with dad and author Dr. Robert Naseef.
Sunday November 10th at 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Relationships under Stress: Dedicated Couples-Raising Children with Autism and Other Special Needs'

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A great post that reminds all that our value isn't based on what we can do...or can't do.  Value is found simply in being a person.
A social worker with cerebral palsy finds a dream job working with kids who have special needs

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I confess that I sometimes let my kids get away with things they shouldn't do because I'm flat-out tired!

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I love the way our children teach us, and others who are willing, to see with new eyes...
"I wish you could see that we love our life, and we love our family, and we love how well we fit together, all of us flawed in our own way, all of us loved for exactly who we are."

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On the special needs journey it's easy for a parent to feel "invisible."  Nobody notices.  Nobody cares.  Nobody sees your pain.

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Last day to enter a chance to win a copy of our book giveaway this week from mom and author +Amy Julia Becker!  Entering is easy. Click the link below and share your comment!
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