Some reasons why this is one of my favourite gadget coats to date:

1. Three zip pockets at chest height (2 on the outside of the coat, 1 on the inside).

2. Two pairs of external pockets at waist height. The two innermost pockets are suitable for phablets, with vertical sides that prevent gadgets and coins from slipping out.

3. Strong main zip (as well as buttons).

4. No cuff buttons to get caught when you sling a backpack over your shoulders.

5. Warm and comfortable to wear. Keeps me warm without being excessively hot.

6. A strong coat hanging hoop. Not one that'll break if you hang your coat up when weighed down by several gadgets.

If I was changing one thing it would be to make the outermost pair of pockets slightly more inclined and slightly deeper (to avoid things dropping out if you laze back). Though it's handy for slipping hands into, whilst keeping gadgets in the other set of outer (vertical sided) pockets (which is where I keep my phone whilst listening to wired earphones).

Style and colour is down to individual taste of course, but it would be great if more clothes designers took gadgets into account.
Modern Moleskin Jacket
Modern Moleskin Jacket
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