Comparing audio quality of the LG v20 /v30 and the FIIO x5
Some people have asked how good the v20 (or v30) is compared to a dedicated music player. The easy answer is it depends - there are a lot of different music players. FIIO produce some decent devices. The v20 (and v30) compare well and are streets ahead of flagship phones costing more.

I had my first hands on with the LG V30 today. It's excellent. I was a bit concerned about the display given some of the tech articles. Nope not a problem. Looking at the phone with it in front of me, I saw no issues. At about 40° the white changed to a blueish hue. I don't use my phone at that angle, and it wouldn't affect what I was doing.

I had a quick listen and the v30 sounds excellent. Hard to tell from my brief listen if the v30 is much better than the v20, but from it sounded a bit better than the v20 (and of course it has the wireless audio improvements, water proofing and more manageable size over the v20).

If it had been £600 I'd have gone for the v30. LG have set my expectation for a lower price, despite it being streets ahead audio wise to phones costing more. But I have my quirky v20, which is a bit more difficult to handle, but has a useful second screen.
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