I've been through a number of backpacks looking for one to suit my gadget needs and daily habits. I've yet to find my perfect backpack.

The Lowe Alphine Edge 11 is one of the closest I've found. It has three zip pockets, two of which are useful for phones and a sleeve pocket on the inside for tablets/thin laptops. It's available in 18 and 22L as well as different colours (including black). Though it won't stand upright on the floor without falling over (but I can live with that). And the straps are a bit long (though can be tidied out of the way).

I had a near perfect samonsonite backpack which was better for a professional image. But it's frayed after years of use (and sadly discontinued).

My ideal day bag needs to be light, two shoulder straps (for balanced weight distribution), water resistant, have a some security pockets for travelling around London (zip pockets on the inside), laptop sleeve close to my back, padding or something to stop my back sweating, strong zips, separate sections eg for wet swimming kit, look reasonable for commuting, a netting pocket on the outside eg to put a wet (folded) umbrella or easily accessible small bottle of water... And more recently a chest and waist strap so I can run with it all.
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