1byone Portable Digital DAB / FM Bluetooth Radio with Alarm Clock / FM Tuner / LCD Display Screen / 3.5mm Aux-in, Sliver & Grey

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For £33 is this dab Bluetooth radio worth it? (quick answer yes). We've had one of these in use daily for 3 months now (it was for my daughter so she could listen to capital FM in her bedroom without breaking the "no screens in the bedroom" rule).

• Audio quality with DAB is very good
• DAB scanning found all the stations I was expecting. We haven't experienced any interference on dab.
• Can play quite loud.
• FM radio - fine for the channels I listened to.
• Ability to plug in a 3.5mm headphone jack
• Can play audio from other devices using Bluetooth (though not transmit audio to a separate Bluetooth speaker). Bluetooth quality is ok and had no problems using Bluetooth sources in the same room.
• Portable (battery charge lasts around 6hrs)
• Charges with a microUSB cable rather than a proprietary cable.
• Removable battery (looks like one of the old Nokia batteries bit I haven't looked for spares).
• Digital clock display with date and time.
• Alarm feature
• Sleep function
• Looks good (subjective of course, but it passed daughter's critical eye).

• The dials feel plasticy and feel like if you turned too hard they might break (which hasn't happened). However, when removing the battery cover plate on the bottom of the radio I used a coin and turned the plastic screw too heavily in the wrong direction and snapped something off the battery cover panel. I contacted the supplier who sent me a replacement (excellent customer service).
• There's a separate on/off switch rather than being part of the volume dial which has led to the volume being turned right down but the radio actually on until the battery ran out.
• At very low volumes you can hear a bit of a hiss on FM radio.
• Very occasionally, I had to switch the radio off in order to switch from dab to Bluetooth.

• This is a good sounding portable dab radio with lots of additional features.
• It's not as good as a Pure radio that we have (audio and build quality) and the speaker quality.
• The dials feel a bit plasticky but it's lasted well enough so far (3 months of daily use).
• I'd have preferred better audio quality on bt but even so this is excellent value and easily recommended.

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