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Andrew Webber
Indy writer, blogger, and a thousand other things - many of them not that interesting.
Indy writer, blogger, and a thousand other things - many of them not that interesting.


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Privacy is a myth: an unpopular position.
Dr. Jen Frahm sent me a link: Because we are friends, and because she knows just what fuels my creative fires. It's worth taking a look if you have the stomach for such things. It’s about social manipulation. It’s about behavi...
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The pitfalls of a character named Jesus.
"So, what did you do to Erasure?" "Which character had their name changed?" Two of the questions I've been fielding over the last couple of days -- mostly arriving as part of the congratulations messages (messages that I remain completely humbled by, for th...
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NPR doesn't want ALL of the opinions, apparently.
I follow Hedayah   on Facebook, an organisation that is doing some great work with regard to pushing back against religious extremism and radicalization. Along with their official posts, they also distribute the work of others in their social media feed, li...
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In discussing privacy and introducing a documentary about the imprisonment and constant surveillance of Ai Wei Wei - the journalist covers a lot of elements I've been addressing since the release of "Erasure". Read on - an consider the application for some of these innocuous sounding conveniences. I am particularly fond of the Auto-pay wrist band that adjusts how much a thing costs by running a comparison of past purchases and current credit balances. Creepy. Sure. I've been banging on about this for a while now, and still woner why everyone is surprised when things like this are pointed out as fact.. #aiweiwei  #erasure #privacy
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I have been on the Junot Díaz / Oscar Wao train since I first read it in 2009. Now (not that I needed any further reason to love the thing) "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" has just earned another award - Number 1 in the BBC "21st Century’s 12 greatest novels". Amazing, and well earned. Additionally: There are some controversial picks in this list, but also some almighty belters as well!
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That book I am always going on about?
It has been free for the last couple of days, and today is the very last day before the Amazonian door slams shut again, and it is back to business as usual.

No tricks. No spammy sign ups, just go to Amazon and get your copy!

This is no secret, so pass the word around - the more the merrier I say. Amazon has done pretty well out of this thing so far, so a few thousand books shouldn't hurt them.

Go to it, closes today.
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Now on Ello. 
The social media game has changed.
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From last year - but the sentiment remains, and will always remain.
Lest we forget...
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More on the futility of war.
People will find this offensive - not because of the blame aspect, it is pretty even handed when it comes to the killing. Instead it demonstrates the futility of war. Diminishes it to one hard fact - death is the only constant, and the thing that is most supported.

I say it again:

"There has to be another way."

#israel   #palestine   #JustStopIt  
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More things that bug me, this time with far less gravitas.

I've added the link below, but don't feel the need to click on it. I've left it there for reference purposes only. 

Summary follows, and then the bit that is making my eye twitch.

The subject is famous for choosing unemployment as
her career.
The subject all but had an opinion poll that revolved around whether or not she would keep her baby, inspired by her desire to be on Big Brother.
The subject has had augmented upper lady things paid for by the NHS in England. (I'm not a prude, I am just aware how this kind of post is parsed by the "Not appropriate" filter)
The subject turned down £100,000 to appear on "Celebrity(?!)" Big Brother.

But here is the kicker...

"However, she later changed her mind when she was offered alternative money-making deals including her own dealing website and reportedly two book deals ".

Wow, just... wow.

But at least I know now - all I have to do is get me some augmentation; there HAS to be a doctor here that will do it. Will research and report back.

Or get drunk.

Drunk writers get book deals too, right?

If you don't want the horror of a blow by blow account of an augmentation on my upper body - you can save me and yourself. Just buy or borrow my book at amazon.

Far less sensational, I know.

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