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Top Malayalam Movie Moments of 2014
2014 has been
another great year for Malayalam Cinema and started right where Drishyam ended in
2013. As 2014 came to a close, we have a handful of movies that have left a
huge mark and those movies had immensely memorable moments that still stay
with us. H...

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Top Malayalam Movie Moments of 2013
2013 gave us a lot to cherish as far as Malayalam movies were concerned. There were many sparkling individual performances , fantastic scripts that held our attention throughout and brilliant narrations by the directors. There were also many memorable movie...

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These Malayalam Movie Writers Left a Huge Mark in 2013
2013 has been a remarkable year for Malayalam Film Industry. Both in the number of movies released and the quality they maintained, 2013 would have an important place in the history of our cinema. A record 158 movies was released this year and the most plea...

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These Malayalam Cinema Interval Scenes Packed A Punch !!
In movies, interval scenes are often treated with as importance as a hero's introduction or the climaxes. Many film makers often employ innovative techniques to make sure that the viewers go out for the break with their expectations raised several folds and...

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Padmarajan - Mohanlal : Remembering An Association That Gave Us Nothing But Classics
Sometimes you watch a movie to witness a director's genius at work and sometimes for the sheer pleasure of viewing a magnificent actor at his best. The biggest feast ever for a cine goer is when you get to experience both of these in one movie. In Malayalam...

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Charlie - A movie and a performance that still keeps growing on me !
When I watched Charlie first, I liked the movie. But it did not really look like one that I may want to revisit again. I then happened to watch it few months back and found it more endearing. I had then watched it a couple more times. Few movies in recent y...

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Sakhavu Review - Nivin Pauly makes strides as an actor
You don't need a set-off or several years to bring a change in your character. A single day or a complete stranger whom you have never met before in life can do that for you. Sidhartha Siva takes this simple concept and converts to a very neat movie in Sakh...

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Puthan Panam - An Open Letter to Ranjith
** Few Spoilers ahead Dear Ranjith Kaiyoppu, Thirakkadha, Paleri manikyam:Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha , Pranchiyettan and the saint, Indian Rupee , Spirit -  These were 6 consequent movies you wrote and directed between 2007 and 2012 . Each handled r...

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The Great Father - Mammootty is the soul of this satisfying, if not great, thriller
Jeethu Joseph's Memories is one of my favorite movies in recent years. Its a regular whodunit movie but it keeps you to the edge of the seat throughout. What I really liked about the movie is the subtle and restrained manner in which Jeethu has characterize...

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Why is Jayaram hesitant to transition to character roles ?
When compared to his contemporaries like Mukesh who had to struggle through a lot of small and supporting roles, Jayaram was actually really lucky to get playing heroes from his debut itself in 1988's Aparan. He has done so many wonderful movies through his...
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