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Stephanie Sims
Recovering investment banker, champion of business owners, lover of the written word, wife of a Frenchman, mom of three
Recovering investment banker, champion of business owners, lover of the written word, wife of a Frenchman, mom of three

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Had so much fun talking with +Jessica Dewell for this #VBBRadio episode! All too often, we let ourselves be the victim of our circumstances...when we have a simple (but not always easy) solution available to us.

Persistence is praised as the be-all, end-all of success, when in reality we can be just as successful by NOT doing things that aren't in alignment with our values. Know what's right for you, and don't be afraid to quit what isn't.

Loved this conversation!
It’s easy to make situations more complicated than they really are…and it comes down to clarity. Clarity of our values and our preferences. These two things (values and preferences) remove extraneous information that we put the wrong amount of weight on. First and foremost, is you fill in the blank worth while? Does it support our path? Is it something that gives us experience to move us toward our goals? Lots of questions to think about. +Jessica Dewell hosts Don’t Give Up, Just Quit with co-host +Stephanie Sims.

#Business #Leadership
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So thrilled to hang with my dear friend +Christine L Bowen this Saturday morning! If you're #numberphobic  or just want to improve your #SmallBizSavvy  you won't want to miss this discussion ;-)

#CLBLive   #KnowYourWorth  
"You can't ignore the data and build a successful business." — +Stephanie Sims

Stephanie Sims is an author, speaker, recovering investment banker and champion of small business owners. Her 25 years of experience working with firms as big as Goldman Sachs to those as small as her parents’ local printing business taught her one thing: The owner’s lack of knowledge and interest in finance is often the biggest obstacle to growing a successful business.

Stephanie is on a mission to provide business owners with the knowledge, tools and self-awareness necessary to grow profitable (and investable) businesses. She emphasizes that we are not just learning things, we should also be developing tools and using them to grow our businesses. Her equation…

#Knowledge + #Tools + #SelfAwareness = #ConcreteResults

I invite you to join me on Saturday, September 24 to meet one of my dearest #DivineConnections and personal #FinancialAdvisor Stephanie Sims! I guarantee that this convo will equip and empower you to turn your passion into greater profits!

"Look Before You Leap!"
with Stephanie Sims on #CLBLive
Broadcasting LIVE • Saturday 9/24 @ 11am ET
via #WLVSRadio#RadioYouCanWatch

Details + Convo + More @!

#meetstephaniesims #lookbeforeyouleap #inspiredconversations #creativethinkers #divineconversations #divineconnections #mindsetmatters #listenvisionstudios #radioyoucanwatch #livebroadcasting #livestreaming #webtv #storytelling #moneymatters #money #finance #smallbusiness #risingentrepreneurs #entrepreneurs #businessowners #l
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Desperately seeking a cash infusion for your business?

Could be you're focusing on the wrong thing...

In honor of Financial Literacy Month (yes, that's really a thing), I'm happy to help you understand financial terms or answer a quick question.

Jump over to the Medium post and tell me what you need help with!

#SmallBizMoney #KnowYourWorth #MoneyMonday
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PHX Startup Week returns to venues across the Valley to celebrate and showcase Arizona’s entrepreneur community.

The week‐long FREE event – February 22-26, 2016 – will feature thought‐inspiring keynotes and fireside chats, educational seminars, networking, and sessions covering topics from business basics to technology, and sales techniques to marketing, branding, growth, and private mentoring.

I am honored to be part of the Mini-Mastermind Panels on Tuesday 2/23 at 1:30p.

Pick an event, or two or all. Join us and let’s grow your startup!

Details and free registration below.
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Make 2016 Your Best Year EVER

I'll bet you've heard or seen that about 100 times per day in the last week. Starting a new year is a time when everyone dreams big and thinks about making huge changes.

But if you're realistic with yourself, you know that by Valentine's Day, most of those "resolutions" will have fallen by the wayside. You'll be back to old habits, or worse, doing the same thing you've always done but feeling guilty for not doing better!

This year, try something different. Don't make big plans, just commit to making a small shift.

One easy way to do that is with Kate Northrup's #MoneyLoveChallenge. You can spend a few weeks taking small, daily steps towards a better understanding of what money means to you.

You can find more details here => and of course, if you've got any questions, hit me up.

Learning something about yourself and your attitude towards money is a whole lot better than feeling guilty, don't you think?

Join The Money Love Challenge
Join The Money Love Challenge
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Does holiday cooking give you nightmares?

Join +Joey Giangola and I today on #Blab at 10a Pac / 1p Est to talk about why cooking (and holiday cooking especially) causes so much stress.

We'd love to hear your stories about what's created holiday kitchen nightmares for you or your family!
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In the true spirit of the holiday, #BeExcellent  to yourself and come watch +Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout next Tuesday (12/8)!
Bill and Ammon (+Bill Slawski  and +Ammon Johns   ) reprise their role as the "Wyld Stallyns" of SEO, with bodacious babe +Kristin Drysdale helping wrangle comments, and stop them chasing squirrels.  (okay, a more realistic goal: prevent them chasing too many squirrels).  +Terry Van Horne joins us again to release more squirrels when Kristin isn't looking.

(No squirrels are harmed in the making of this program)

About Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout
This is not a polished, planned and scripted event.  This is a casual hangout with old friends and new, shared with all.  Somewhere around the halfway point, we'll post the link for anyone who wishes to come and join us (space permitting) allowing us to meet even more old and new friends.

The idea of pre-planning, a set topic, or even simply knowing who will be on the show this week?  All totally bogus.

Free Air-Guitars to all attendees (exact model and colour may vary with imagination)

Our general style is to issue uninvited invitations, naming folks we think might like a chat, without asking first if they are available (or willing). 

This week  our uninvited invitations have gone to +Bruce Clay, +Virginia Nussey, +Paula Allen, +Stephanie Sims, +Matt Storms, and +William Rock.          

As ever, we'll open up the invitations to all for any empty seats once the hangout has begun.  Feel free to jump in and not only join the conversation, but help steer it.

We have no idea yet who will actually turn up, and that's how we like it.  

#BeExcellent   #bogushangout   
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Since when does having a Whole Foods in your neighborhood or a college degree make you a snob?

I was pretty surprised about this list...and not just because I live in one of these "snobby" cities.

What do you think? Can you judge a city by its Whole Foods?

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Finding money for your business can be like riding a bull

It feels like 8 seconds can last forever, and you're constantly wondering if the next second will find you face down in the dirt. You feel like everything is moving too fast and at the same time, way too slow - especially if you're desperate for the cash.

If you're ready to get off the ride, my latest article on Medium might help. You can find it here =>

And of course, if you've got questions, leave them here and I'll do my best to get you answers!

#KnowYourWorth   #AllMoneyIsNOTCreatedEqual  
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Does money scare you?

Sometimes it's hearing the word, sometimes it's writing a check or sending an online payment. But all too often, we back away from money - consciously or unconsciously.

If you're ready to break through this fear, join +Christine L Bowen +Jessica Dewell +Manuel Saint-Victor and I for a live #TweetChat tonight (11/3) at 6p Pacific / 9p Eastern.

We'll be talking about the questions that we all need to ask ourselves, and sharing our experiences and insights. We'd love to see you there!

#CLBLiveChat   #KnowYourWorth   #FinancialLiteracy  
#FinancialLiteracy is the first step towards #FinancialFreedom.  —@ChristineLBowen• #CLBLiveChat Tue 11/3 9p ET
One of the main issues I identified while preparing for the #PowerOfMoney  episode of #CLBLive, is the need to improve our #MoneyTalk. We had a fantastic discussion on Saturday's episode, but that's only the beginning of becoming #FinanciallyLiterate and rewriting our money story, so that we may become #FinanciallyFluent.

The best part, we can grow through this process — together!

I invite you to continue the conversation with on Twitter, for the all-new #CLBLiveChat. Hosted by yours truly and continuing with our honored guest +Stephanie Sims (@Finance_Ability) and mastermind panelists Dr. +Manuel Saint-Victor (@ManiStVictorMD) and +Jessica Dewell (@Jess_Dewell)!

Join Us Live Tue 11/3 @ 9pm ET

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