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Every pixel is a favorite memory
Every pixel is a favorite memory
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Russian Figure Skater performs a perfect Sailormoon routine
Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva wowed audiences in Tokyo, Japan when she performed a perfect Sailor Moon routine for the World Team Trophy in Figure Skating. This fabulous routine included the famous anime character's transformation from Japanese sc...

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COMIC CON 2016: Wonder Woman Trailer is here and it's uh-mazing
She's here. Are you ready? Of all the trailers released during the Comic Con, I think Wonder Woman is the best so far. See for yourself:

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Adele "Hello" video is here and it is so FUCKING good
No words to describe it. Just listen.

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Adele's New Album is 25. It's coming
Shut. The. Front. Door. Adele is back people. It took four years for the follow-up to 21 and the snippet from X-Factor UK confirms it's going to be one helluva comeback. Well, she's never been officially away since we still hear her songs everywhere but THI...

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HoloLens blew my mind
via GIPHY What the hell Microsoft! The first time the HoloLens came out, I thought it was already ridiculously awesome. The Windows 10 devices announcement yesterday blew my mind even more! We really are in the age of immersive holographic experience and Mi...

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Mira Sorvino meets the real inventor of Post-its
One of my absolute favorite films is Romy and Michelle's High School reunion. I mean, you would probably pretend that you invented post-its if could get away with it, right? In this exclusive video by HuffPost, the film's star Mira Sorvino meets the real in...

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Amazing photos of Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse
Here's a compilation of the photos of the Super Blood Moon and lunar eclipse taken from around the world.

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It's official: There's Liquid Water on Mars
I have been following the Mars Curiosity Rover as it sends back amazing images of the surface of the Red Planet. But nothing has been more amazing than NASA's announcement today: they found evidence of liquid water on Mars . Where there's water, there's lif...

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#HOLYCRAP Plane lands on a busy intersection in Southern California
It's Holy Crap Thursday. There's a plane that made an emergency landing on a busy intersection in Southern California.

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Ariana Grande nails her Musical Impressions Challenge
This girl is so talented, it's ridiculous!
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