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Mainly sharing this for +Steve Kaftanski  and +Steven Mading , in case they haven't seen it.
Orbital mechanics, and Lagrange Points (things most physics text books get wrong).
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News, News
Hey! Remember that Asteroid game thing I made a few months back? And then entered in a contest? Well, the results are in!

* dramatic pause *

Our game didn't win. This isn't exactly a surprise. It was the first game the three of us made together, and outside of bad afterschool specials, it's rare for the n00b underdog to get first place.

We did place well, at the bottom of the semifinals, but we just didn't tickle all the fancy bells of the judges. That's okay!

Congratulations to the first place winners! Scrapyardarmory and Saxywolf got first prize with Dysplacement. The page for it is here, though it looks like the game is being re-tooled post contest and ain't for sale at the moment:

The game page for our own entry, Build the Skies, is here:
Reviews range from 'fiddly but eh, okay' to 'surprisingly non-terrible', and we did just not-win a contest, but I'm still pretty proud of it. It's a game I made, with some science in it (thanks to the mad genius of +Steve Kaftanski ), that's actually playable and fun. That's a helluva thing.

Woohoo, science games!
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Congrats and all.
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On the new Wonder Woman
So I saw the new WW teaser, And I’m like,


But how about

Steve Trevor, in 1910’s Britain, volunteers for the Army because the Hun is coming and everything and everyone he loves is in danger and he can’t not fight. He goes to training and they make him a spy

Steve Trevor, in 1910’s Britain, posted in an Army base where he has to hear hypermasculine posturing and casual homophobia every few minutes from his fellow soldiers

And his hands are shaking when he walks away and he rests it on a doorsill until it stops

Because this is the New Century and we should be past it but we aren’t, and the Brits still hang homosexuals when they aren’t talking about burning them or imprisoning them and women are still regularly ‘raped straight’

Steve Trevor, in 1910’s Britain, who has a boyfriend in the local village: they met at a club, because you can’t trust anyone on the street, you have to hide everything you feel, if they see you together they’ll kill you

Steve Trevor, who sees Etta Candy in the secretarial pool and immediately asks for her,

Because they know each other from the club and he knows she had a girlfriend that she can’t even write to they broke up when she joined the War effort and so they agree to be each other’s beard and they are good friends and they look out for each other

Steve Trevor, having to fend off salacious idiots wanting to know if Etta is a ‘good lay’, listening to jokes about how fat and plain and unlovely she is, while Etta bumbles past all the other girls at work, stuttering and blushing and unable to focus, but she can’t befriend any of the men, either because of the good chance they’ll push past her defenses

Steve Trevor, punching the ghost out of a soldier as he tries to cop a feel on Etta, making enemies and getting written up for it. Even his commanding officer is sympathetic to the assailant, saying Etta should feel ‘lucky’ anyone’s interested in her at all

Steve Trevor, having to lie his ass off in order to get anyone to leave Etta alone, and crying on the shoulder of his boyfriend even as Etta is ringing the doorbell to walk him home, because they can’t ever be seen together with the people they love

Steve Trevor and Etta Candy, both vulnerable and afraid and brave as iron as long as they’ve got someone else to defend and right now that’s each other

Steve Trevor, sent out on a special mission somewhere in Greece

Steve Trevor, missing

Etta, having to field advances and spite veiled as sympathy, desperately fighting to get someone to look for her best friend, fighting to keep him from being declared dead, fighting to keep his secrets even as his office is taken over by a new attache she can’t bring herself to trust or even like, there’s something wrong about him

Steve Trevor, back home after months thought dead, with the most beautiful woman Etta has ever seen, beautiful and strong and brave and clever and Steve and Etta want her to love their world, the world that hates them, so they take her to the club

Steve and Etta, watching Diana’s face light up and ease, she is so happy to see the things she thinks of as normal relationships, because of course on Themyscira they have nothing else. She meets Trevor’s boyfriend and she is happy to see that men have this too, this special bond, this love

Etta blushing and stammering and walking into walls around Diana and Diana and Trevor share a brief look, the look that says, ‘is it ok?’ and ‘don’t hurt her I swear to God’

Etta and Diana, alone together, hesitant and unsure and sure at the same time and the camera fades to black just before they kiss

Etta looking as radiantly happy as Trevor has ever seen her and him stepping in and quietly asking if she’s all right, if she’s hurt, assuring her that she can still confide in him, still come to him if Diana breaks her heart, that they’re still friends and he will fight even this perfect, unstoppable woman if she even makes Etta shed a single tear

And that’s their dynamic through the whole movie. Trevor’s boyfriend doesn’t die, and Etta doesn’t die, and Etta and Trevor’s bond isn’t shaken by jealousy or spite, they just all live together and fight together and their bond is friends and lovers and warriors and ok

Now, add in some evil enemy spies and a few supervillains, you know, if you gotta

But that’s not the driving force of the story

The driving force of the story should be love, and how fragile and terrifying it is, how it needs space to grow and thrive and allies to defend it and when society doesn’t give you that you fight to find it on your own


That’s the Wonder Woman movie I want.
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+Ember Leo , yes, totally!
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Hey! International Asteroid Day is coming up!
Got any plans? We're gonna be playing that thing we made and talking about a lot of nerdy stuff!

#buildtheskies   #boardgames   #Netherworldgames  
We plan to do what we have been doing every other Thursday at Netherworld for months, which is to play variations on the board game "Build The Skies" (now available at ) and talk about Asteroid Mining 101 in general.

RSVP to:
Build The Skies 2016 Asteroid Day
Thu, June 30, 6:30 PM
Netherworld Games, 334 W Mifflin St, Madison, WI 53703, United States

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+Sean P Kelley , I'd settle for a few small, strategically placed ones. World-ending size, not so much. :P
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I thig I'b sig
Yesterday I had a nagging, tiny itch at the back of my throat, so that it felt like I was choking on a crumb all day. This morning, I woke up and was all like, "Yep, that's a sore throat all right." No Tuesday game for me.

Stupid microbes. Get outta there, you jerks!
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Well, you know the family recipe for toddy. I'm sure you will be Much Better soon! But you might want to watch your salt intake... :)

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Headlines today are awful, and I can't.

The shooting in Orlando last night/this morning, one year almost to the day after the Charleston church shooting. Plus the continuing awful from previous weeks. Plus all the around-the-world awful.

I am trying very hard to remember that it's not all awful, that humans can be good. We can fight the evil within us, we can love each other. But it's really hard right now, and if it's this hard for me I can't imagine what it's like for the people at the center of this, who are having to deal with the loss and horror that's immediately around them.

This is gonna be a hard day for a lot of us out there, so if you're having a hard day please reach out. And even if you're not having a hard day, please reach out anyway. Call a friend today. Tell them they're loved. That they're not alone. That it's ok to be a human. That it's okay to persist, to keep fighting.

You out there. You're loved, and people are fighting for you. It's hard today, but remember that.
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Amanda Palmer started a thread on Twitter where people are reporting nice things that people have done for them:
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In Which I Talk About This Weird Asteroid Board Game Thing
Hey! So, Build the Skies is a board/card/tabletop game I made with two other folks, Jeff Richard and +Steve Kaftanski . We entered it in the Worker Placement Game contest at theGameCrafter, and yesterday we learned it got past the first hurdle and into the semifinals! Woo hoo!

So, just what the flipperty-heck is this thing? Let's have a Q&A!

Q: What in the flipperty-heck is Build The Skies?
A: Build the Skies is a worker placement game for 2 or 3 players that models the business of asteroid mining, as it will be (we hope!) in the near future. Play time ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, usually.

Q: Is this a Learning Game?
A: Yes! No! Kinda! The sciencey details in the game are sound, based on a number of books and research papers on the feasibility of NEA mining. The main book we looked at is Asteroid Mining 101, by Dr. John S. Lewis. That said, we focused on making a game that's fun to play first and foremost. The main 'learning objectives' of BtS are "yes, asteroid mining is actually a thing we can do with the tech we have now" and "here's what we'd find/need if we did it."

Q: Is this an actual thing? Like, an object I can possess and play with my friends?
100% yes! We've made all our final editorial changes and within a day or two, we'll hit the button on the website that allows you to purchase a copy, if that is a thing you wish to do!

Q: How much is it? How much money are you making off it?
A: It's about $35 to buy. Sadly, it's also about $35 to make, because tGC builds single prototypes. If we find a publisher for BtS or attempt a Kickstarter down the road, we can probably drive that cost down some, but at the moment, to paraphrase Steve, we'll be making literally dozens of cents with each copy!

Q: Who should get this game? What games are similar to this game?
A: If you're interested in Space, or Science, or both those things, this game may interest you! If you like games where you have a bunch of worker-pawns and a lot of interesting choices in where to put them (similar to Puerto Rico or Carcassonne), you may like this game! If you want to talk excitedly about Asteroid Mining to students or teachers or wealthy philanthropists, this game might power such a conversation! (Also: send some wealthy philanthropists our way, would you?) If you have a table, and hour of time, and 1-2 other willing humans nearby, you have everything you need to play this game we haven't included in the box already!

Q: What's in the box?
A: Instructions, cards and plastic tokens. The plastic tokens are Player rockets and the resources they collect. The cards show locations your rockets can fly to, the resources you can find there, and contracts you can fill to get extra victory points. The instructions, of course, are there to show you how to set up and play the game. This all comes in a cool box.

Q: Why asteroid mining?
A: Because science is cool! Games often have a fantastic element to them , which is totally OK, but sometimes we forget that the real universe we live in also has excellent opportunities for adventure! It's unlikely I'll get to be an asteroid miner in my lifetime, but it's kind of cool to think other folks will. So we made a game about it! Maybe it will inspire some rad folks to go and do it for realsies.

Q: Is Apophis really coming?
A: Yes! There are actually a number of big asteroids, like Apophis, that are due to swing by Earth and Luna pretty soon! In addition, there's a pretty constant stream of smaller NEAs (Steve calls them 'boulders') that could be just as easily exploited for their metals, ice and rare elements. The RAMA project is being built right now to snag a small NEA and bring it into Luna's orbit for study! Science!

If you have a question about BtS I have not answered, feel free to leave it in the comments below. Thanks for reading this far!
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Not only have I gotten many Likes on my share of your link, but Don Simpson also shared it on his FB page. So word is getting out, fi & Steve!
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Good News, Everyone!
So, raise your hand if you're surprised that Uber, having more-or-less crushed the licensed cab industry, exploited the labor of un-unionized car owners to the tune of billions, and deregulated for-hire driving all over the globe, is now investing in a fleet of self-driving cars.

...Yeahp, me neither.

The future, everyone!
The company’s fleet of robotic cars will be supervised by humans in the driver’s seat.
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+Michael Verona, I offer the word traditional as an olive branch : )
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Stardate:The Datening
I am dead. this thread has killed me and now I must haunt the torrid fanlogs of the internets forever.
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...what's she got against Star Trek TOS?
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Warning: contains politics
This metaphor is apt and the article beautifully written, so I'mma share it. But given my current state of health, both physical and mental, I'mma turn off commentary too.

Y'alls can reshare it if you want to discuss it, yes? Good.

(Source: Stoled off IronSpike on the twitters.)
Trump’s politics offer an intense high, but the aftermath will be ugly.

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No, this is bullshit. Lemme say why.
Okay, stop. The shooter wasn't gay. Lemme walk you through this.

1. The guy was married and was incredibly violent to his wife.
2. So much so that she left him.
3. He (MAY) have been at Pulse, but there's no media footage to prove that, only eyewitness accounts after the fact.
4. Those accounts state he kept to himself and drank in the corner.
5. Until he became belligerent and had to be thrown out.
6. A separate source claimed the shooter was using a gay dating app to try and lure people into private encounters.
7. And no one was falling for it, because it sounded hinky and he wouldn't meet them in a public place.

That is not the profile of a gay man. That is the profile of a serial killer.
In news that doesn't surprise me in the slightest, it looks like the shooter was a closeted, self-hating gay man.
#orlando   #lgbtq  
The gunman who attacked a Florida gay nightclub had attended the club before the attack and had used a gay dating and chat app, witnesses said.
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No, it's a symptom of what right wing propaganda does.
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Heights and Valleys
Good: Adorable spiders in bathroom. Yaaaay.
Bad: ...are absolutely DETERMINED to shower with me. Booo.
Good: [Place] called me back for interview. Yaaay.
Bad: ...for a 4AM shift. Boooo.

Life: Almost up to 20% non-terrible. Yaaay.
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