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Some sort of crazy doodler person.

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On questioning the utility of beauty

A few months ago, I bought a shirt. It's the sort of shirt I believe everyone should have precisely one of. It is my Fuck-YOU shirt.

This shirt is a sleeveless 'beater' tank top. All my life, I have been told fat girls should not wear tank tops, because our arm wibble is gross and must be covered at all times.

Fuck youuuuuuu.

This shirt has thin horizontal stripes. All my life, I have been told fat girls should not wear thin horizontal stripes. It makes us look fatter, you see.

Fuck youuuuuuu.

This shirt is red and white, two colors I have been told all my life I should avoid because of my hair color and complexion. Red makes me look like a beet! White makes me look dark-skinned when I should be emphasizing my fairness!

Fuuuuuck youuuuuuuuuu.

This shirt completely encapsulates every bit of shitty, allegedly well meant advice I've ever been told in my entire life. "Ooh, you can't wear that! Don't you want to look pretty? Don't you want people to like you?"


By all logic, this shirt should make me look ugly. I wear it when I want to feel beautiful.

If you can't understand how that works, fuck you.

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Well, I had hoped we'd worked hard enough and did enough that queer kids would never face what we did when I was growing up. Which is to say a government that legitimized and indeed, made discrimination the law of the land.

To the younger folks, I'm sorry. We honestly thought we had this one down a path of no return.

But the bad times that are coming are going to teach you things you never knew about yourselves and about your fellow queers. As hokey as it sounds, we ARE family. Not by genetic quirks, not by a communal sense of begrudged obligation, but because we choose to love and support one another.

You are going to learn why we march in Pride parades. You are going to learn that nobody organizes like a lesbian on a mission. You are going to learn that 'sissy' doesn't mean weak. You are going to learn that trans people are the strongest people, emotionally, that you will ever know. You will learn how amazing our bisexual brothers and sisters are in supporting the community that doesn't support them enough.

You are going to make choices, every day of your life, on who to share intimate details of your life with and why. You're not going to be out to everybody and that's okay. You fight the battles you can and you rest up when you can't. You don't owe anybody your fear and your blood and don't let anybody shame you into feeling otherwise.

You are going to learn that some straight people are allies only when we 'know our place' and 'watch our tone'. And that's fine. They mean well and can help, but this is our fight and they won't win it for us. You will.

I wish you didn't have to learn these lessons. But they are going to make you stronger and better and you will succeed where we failed. Eventually.

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Unfollowing/blocking people because of their political views isn't about censorship or an echo chamber, it's about mental health and (especially for women and minorities) safety.

It isn't about forming a clique, or being elite. It isn't about silencing voices. Those "silenced" voices have the most powerful office on the planet and the loudest, least silenced advocate of all time.

But if you're unfollowing/blocking people because they're complaining about the election results, maybe it's for the best. For them.

It's hard to see negativity and doomsaying at the best of times, but consider how devastating it must be to have your basic human rights on trial thanks to some greasy politician's ego viagra. That's pretty worthy of a little internet real estate. If you can't muster some endurance (IT'S BEEN A GODDAMN DAY) for scared and hopeless people at the end of their collective ropes, then by all means, unfollow.

Don't let the poorly designed Google+ interface hit you on the way out. 

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Eldritch! Noneuclidian! Doubtless, bigger on the inside!
Informal pre-drawstring pic of a Cthulhu dice bag with nine pockets. I figured why not? I'll probably get this listed on Etsy a bit later today. 
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I have a mighty need!
+Kisa Kitsugi​ pointed these out, there's two styles, and they're customisable for colours and such, plus, promo gift code haps.


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How many roleplaying games are entirely produced by women? How many old school roleplaying games?

Well this one was designed by a man (none other than +Matt Finch​), but the newest edition was laid out and illustrated by an all-female team, led by Contessa's +Stacy Dellorfano​. So if you've been holding out on OSR goodness because you thought it's just a bunch of nostalgic neckbeard menchildren, now is the time to look again. The book was funded within a day, and the PDF is just one buck.
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