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Healthcare Connections Delivered
Healthcare Connections Delivered

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We were intrigued by this post by the author below as he described Google's Marketing post "Diabetic Contact Lens Development". Quite interesting we believe:

Yaarov Skimaan
11:46 AM EST
I can see how google may make their money.
Upon detection, the chip in lens sends a bluetooth signal to your Android cellphone which will flash a message "YOUR SUGAR LEVEL IS LOW!!!"
Instantly, an ad from McDonalds pops up on the screen with "$1 all softdrink."
If you're driving, clicking google maps will direct you to the nearest McDonalds.
Google makes more money as shared campaign if you purchase a lunch with the $1 drink.
From then on, ads about sweets and diabetic merchandise will pop up on you frequently after google sells "this phone number, email address, IP address were used by a sugar-level-low person."

What do you think?
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Here is a "short" explanation of the issues that have inspired our design of this interface. When we created SpeakWithDoc, the Affordable Care Act was not yet announced!!
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Here is a preview of our solutions....
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Its great to be a part of this awesome community... just loving Google right now!!
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