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'Twas the Morning of Red Hills
Red Hills Triathlon, one of the toughest sprint distance races in Florida, is coming up this weekend. Here's a little ditty to get you excited for the race, if you aren't already. ‘ Twas the Morning of Red Hills (With apologies to
Clement Clarke Moore) ‘Twa...

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Heddaeus has quickly become one of Tallahassee's best runners and triathletes. Lately,
Heddaeus has been tearing it up on the local road running circuit. She finished
third overall at last weekend's Red Fox Trot, seventh at the muddy Bradley's
15K, ...

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Stepping Stones to a Successful 2014
What are your biggest dreams for the year? Don’t hold back,
don’t think rationally. If life worked out perfectly for the next year, what
would it look like? What would you have, do, see, and feel if you had a fairy
godmother that could make all your dreams ...

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Reflecting on 2013 can help you plan for 2014
The end of the first month of 2014 is near. How many of you
have kept your New Year’s resolutions? How many of you even remember what they
were? I find it is easy for these dreams and aspirations of better health,
increased fitness, balanced personal life, ...

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Successful Multitasker AJ Rhodes
Like many triathletes,
AJ Rhodes is a driven athlete, student, and professional, managing to be
successful in all aspects of his life. The first Tallahassee finisher at this
year’s Tri the Rez, Rhodes finds time for high quality training while working
full ...

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Gift ideas for the multisporter
If only it were that easy! Unfortunately, there's a little bit of work involved if you want to cross the finish line. Maybe you can put some of these gift ideas on your wish list this holiday season.  For those cold winter rides, your cyclist will probably ...

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The "Take it Easy" Season
Off season, out season, transition period, dream season. Whatever
you want to call it, this is the time when most multisporters should be taking
it easy. If you follow the traditional Florida triathlon race calendar, you probably
began racing in late March ...

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From the Coach's Perspective
Triathletes may not have
a stage as big as the World Series, but we do have a World Championships that
takes place in Hawaii every October. Two Tallahassee triathletes competed there
this year, Colin Abbey and Kate Harrison. They both share a coach, Chuck K...

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