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SafetyPAD will Join FDM at booth 4016 for this years IAFC Fire Rescue International (FRI) Expo in Chicago from August 16th & 17th. For more information visit

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Panasonic is now offering a firmware update for Toughbook’s using the Verizon 4G LTE Sierra Wireless Modem. If you are experiencing issues with devices in the field that are continually dropping their connection and/or failing to reconnect, this update from Panasonic/Verizon should address the issue. If your Toughbook modems are connecting to Verizon’s 3G network, they are likely using a different modem (QUALCOMM-GOBI) which remains unaffected and does not require an update. 

The update ( is available from Panasonic at the link below;

Again, this update addresses issues which you may not be experiencing, so if you’re not using a 4G modem or if dropped connections and failures to reconnect are not being reported, you should probably be fine without it. SafetyPAD will be available to assist in the deployment of this firmware update where necessary. Applying this update however may require manual application or re-imaging of Toughbook’s due to the risks associated with updating firmware over the air or on devices in the field.

Please feel free to contact your SafetyPAD Support representative or your Panasonic re-seller for additional details.
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