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redhead. teacher. writer.
redhead. teacher. writer.


so nervous about tomorrow's orientation. i made my first prezi and at least this is a good omen: my old mtsu parking pass doesn't expire until wednesday. faculty parking for me! :) that wrong? am i exploiting the system? can't wait to see everyone!

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don't mess with me, student. i keep meticulous attendance records. (i use excel, my memory is failing.) you WERE absent 10 times.

Beginning your essay with a quote from Albert Einstein does not make you a genius or endear me to you. Especially when you don't cite it.

Dear student: I'm sorry my class has been "a real pain" because you took this class in junior college and it did not transfer. Maybe you could participate in class, do your homework, come to peer review, submit rough and final drafts of your essays, and pass the course so you don't have to take 1020 a third time since you're "not happy about it at all." My office hours are on the syllabus. I'm here to help if you want to work smarter, not harder. -Ms. James.

dear immune system: THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO QUIT ON ME. get it together. lovemily.

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I don't know how I feel about a student using this sentence in an essay about menu's and the experience of dining at Ruth's Chris: "Following such a romantic experience could only exist a night of lust and sinful pleasure that would be best shared with an erotic lover." Yeah.

Chapter 3 draft: DONE! HUZZAH! ::collapse::

I want pizza and cold beer, like, now.
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