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+Google Maps Please work on your interface... (1) Looking for the right starting point, could not differentiate because they're all close to each other and I can't zoom in from the overview map of the whole route. (2) dragging to attempt to look created a new waypoint, had to delete it. (3) the route steps did not include the final destination, had to drag over to find it, should have been able to click to look at that intersection.

Meyers-Briggs /MBTI is dead. Long live MBTI.

Mkay so if you need to be told how much MBTI sucks, quack it. (here, lmqtfy:!+debunking+mbti )

The thing is, it's popular because, though you may have opinions, each of the four axes are basically non-judgmental, and the 16 personality descriptions are all relatively affirmative. This makes it a pretty safe get-to-know-you exercise, assuming your manager isn't secretly trying to judge you (which they probably are, according to a reliable source).

So it's safe, but it's crap. What's an equally safe personality test that isn't crap? Has an attempt been made to develop one?

#personality #psychology

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My comment on FCC proceeding 17-108:
ISPs must not be free to inspect packets and selectively throttle traffic. Net neutrality is necessary for continued innovation. With virtual monopolies on major demographics and regions, Comcast and Verizon have clear conflict of interest with paying consumers, where they could partner with content providers and deprioritize, throttle, or otherwise impair data streams from competing services. This would be bad for the consumer (degraded quality), bad for the economy (anticompetitive), and bad for unemployment (loss of jobs from smaller businesses who are unable to compete for partnership status with big ISPs). We need strong net neutrality regulations to stay in place. Every service should have the same ability to reach its users, no matter the business relationships of the user's ISP, and every user should have the freedom to choose services independently of their ISP's commercial interests. This is called Net Neutrality, and it is absolutely necessary.

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The article doesn't mention collaboration except by name. Open office plans, and poor management cause teams to bleed talent. That's not collaboration.

It's a mystery to me why a company can afford paying engineers 150k but can't afford rooms for offices.

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I've been saying this for years. Synthetic fiber clothing pollutes when you wash your clothes.

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Womens' march panorama from within the thick of the crowd in San Francisco within view of City Hall.

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Calling a robot a person is as ridiculous as calling a corporation a person. Call it a robot. And build out an international standard for describing robot decisions so that robots may be documented and people can be aware of what they are engaging with.

Snorkeling 1st lessons learned

Rain makes the water murky

Murky water in alligator territory is terrifying

Flashlights are useless

Get flippers that don't come off so easily

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