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Kevin Franco
I play hockey, guitar and the fool. I create immersive experiences with brands and books.
I play hockey, guitar and the fool. I create immersive experiences with brands and books.

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Great Ali tribute.

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Neat article about our ebook gift cards in this blog today!

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Publishers now have the control to distribute bulk ebooks to every single device, not just tablets. Using Enthrill's cloud-based Endpaper Editor software. Live stats, total control, redemption through YOUR white labeled environment and you have access to the audience data. You'll not find a better way to distribute ebooks to a mass audience.

• All Devices (tablets, e-ink, computer, smartphones).
• All Channels (Apple, Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Sony).
• All Formats (.epub, .mobi, .pdf, .ib4, .epub3, .kf8).
• Full white label, branded for the publisher and author, not the distributor.
• Delivery of files to the reading environment that the user is familiar with, no having to download a new reading app.
• No account sign up for user.
• Full end-user customer service with toll-free call centre and online support team. 
• Publishers can harvest/mine data derived from using system.
• Publishers can now engage with their audience directly.

Enthrill offers the best end-to-end cross-platform delivery of ebooks, servicing the entire market, not just tablets. 

Contact Enthrill today, get started on Endpaper Editor and start selling thousands of books tomorrow! (they can probably help you same day, if you're nice to them)

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Here's a quick video explaining how Enthrill can help publishers fulfill direct, corporate and group orders from Endpaper Editor. It's cheap, fast and easy... sell 1000's of ebooks in seconds. Deliver ebooks to 1000's in seconds

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Here's a great idea for authors.

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We have announced Open Road as our first customer for our special sales, promotional fulfillment platform for ebooks, we've called the Endpaper Engine. Open Road is an amazing publisher and we are absolutely thrilled to have them involved.

Some of you may already be aware of Enthrill. I know that some know us for our groundbreaking transmedia publishing project, One Child, while others know us for our ebook gift card retail program... In behind both those projects is a piece of technology called 'Endpaper Engine'. Endpaper Engine was developed to give us the ability to distribute ebook content to any device all from once source. Part of this is our PackaDRM technology, our optional cross-platform DRM solution. This fulfillment engine will be shaking things up over the coming months. 

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Great to see Guy Kawasaki using our ebook gift cards to promote his book on publishing! 
Trying this for the first time tonight at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

It's a card that has a unique promo code. People go home and scratch off the back to redeem. I can also autograph the card--ala a baseball card, so it has an "analog" feel. 

Lots to like about this capability. Thanks +Kevin Franco and Enthrill for making this possible. 

Update: Just got back from Haas. People asked me to sign their card just like people have asked me to sign their book. This definitely works. 

Will be in New York next week during DBW - just setting up meetings to discuss digital delivery of ebooks with publishers through our Endpaper™ engine! 

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Here's my talk from the Books In Browsers conference at the Internet Archive this year. Released for the first time are some of the findings and results from our market evaluation in June at Safeway, Coop, Sobey's and Mac's stores... selling ebook gift cards in brick and mortar locations.
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