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It's not that I am lazy, it's just that I don't care
It's not that I am lazy, it's just that I don't care


The junk mail that comes to my house really gets to me sometimes e.g. the Xfinity / Comcast and MetLife letters that come just abut every week. Having some experience with being scammed by people sending in pre-written forms e.g. via dumpster diving, I always open up and tear up the paper. Unfortunately this is a hassle.

So, today I call up the phone number on the MetLife auto insurance letter and they are trying to tell me I'll win $100 but I need to get my credit card ready for the $2.99 service fee. Seriously, MetLife??  After I manage to escape that option, then it tells me that I am "not eligible for the offer, hang up, hang up, hang up" or I can call a different 800 number for further help. I call that number hoping it will lead somewhere but it is apparently AllState's line.  MetLife <-> AllState???

Next I called up the Xfinity and ask to removed from their mailing list. After being to told to call a different number I finally get someone who seems to understand what I am trying to do and he seems to be doing it - although he insists that I give him my name even though junk-mail arrives addressed to "Our Neighbor At". I don't give him my name of course, he does promise that the mailings will stop.  We'll see.
So I get back to my computer --- and the very next ad I see is for Xfinity!

And my very next email is from Wyndam timeshares - another bait and switch company that I am familiar with.

The Red Cross has been calling me for 5 - 10 years now trying to get me to donate blood to them.  I used to the people on the phone to please not call me because I am already giving blood to them e.g. the day before!!  But no, the calls kept coming.  So, I started telling them that I *no longer donate blood to them* because they keep calling - but the calls kept coming.  Over the last year or so the calls have changed to where it is a robotic message, so I can't even ask them politely or rudely to stop calling. From what I understand charitable organizations are exempt from the "Do Not Call" laws.

Are these main-stream companies really stooping low these days?
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