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Curiouser and curiouser...

PAC and Devra both receive a 'special invitation' to attend the San Francisco Anomaly -- and now lil' old me?

Well, Agents. You know this old Trickster... Can't keep me away from the Action.

Wonder what the fates have in store for our eventful evening...
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Portal Submissions returned to the Ingress Scanner today, and many Agents celebrated that news. I get the reasons. We all know the Portal Network is something that holds a lot of promise.

My warning from two weeks ago that this would happen was not because I didn't want this to happen, it's because there's never just one thing, is there?

Changing the Portal Network is one way in which we chip away at the bubble that has kept us safe and sane. The Exo-Precursors are another. The Tecthulhu Modules. Remote Participation.

Now, there's a war brewing in Washington and folks (like that Ken Owen guy) are getting shown the permanent exit.

We have to be careful about what we're getting into here...
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Remote viewing. Remote participation. These words might be new to you. They aren't to me, so hear me out:

I started doing RV and RP experiments with Calvin and his buddies at the NIA a long time ago. The premise was simple: Sense another place. Sense another time. Sense it in detail. Touch it. Change it. And do all that with just your mind.

Honestly, I thought it was all crap. But the money was good, and my stack of IOUs was uncomfortably high, so I shrugged and bit the bullet.

Here's the thing. I was good at it. Even while I still believed the whole thing was crap, there were times when I would spook myself.

I don't remember when the nightmares started. I won't bore you with a lot of drama, but things got rough. At the time, I didn't really know what was causing them, but I instinctually created a way to defend myself.

One of the tricks you learn in magic is how to store information in detail. You use places, you use objects. You tie information to each of those things, and that's how you do it. Looks up the 'Method of Loci' if you want to learn more. It's ancient stuff.

That's how I first created my Mind Palace.

In the nightmares, I would wander into my familiar places. I would use them to create traps. Ways to protect myself against the things that were chasing me.

I'm not a scientist -- I worked at the Niantic Project but even then I never considered myself one. I'm a feeler. A trickster. An entertainer. I'll tell you my theory, and then you toss it in the trash or don't. Your call.

Remember that quote? "When you gaze into the abyss... The abyss looks back" (I'm paraphrasing)... Well, that's what I think Remote Participation and Remote Viewing are.

The human mind is a pretty magic thing. It can, under the right circumstances, poke holes right through the dimensional walls. But something comes back through those holes you create.

The Exogenous. I didn't invent that word, I don't really know what it means, but that's where the nightmares come from.

The Mind Palace is the only way I knew to protect myself.

Now, everybody is playing with this stuff. We're messing with those dimensional walls every day. Creating new Portals. Remote participating. All of it.

I can't stop that from happening, but I can tell you how to protect yourself. That's why I created the ruse of my own disappearance. So Agents could enter my Mind Palace and see how it works. Learn from it.

The Exogenous are coming through the walls that we're tearing down. I believe they are a threat.

So find your most potent memories and build a Mind Palace with them. Make it strong. Dig a moat around it.

The world's changing, and no one can protect you inside your head... except you.
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How many times do we have to do this? Lynton-Wolfe, probably with the complicity of others, opened a Pandora’s Box at Niantic.

Intentional? Accidental? I have my suspicions, but it doesn’t matter. Not now. What’s done is what’s done.

Our world -- what Hank Johnson calls ORW, what others call our Dimensional Node if you prefer -- has been altered and now we gotta live with the result.

But we don’t have to be at the effect of it. We can take countermeasures to control our own safety. Ancient measures -- some forgotten in the mists of time -- some classified as forbidden knowledge -- some redacted from history. But they are known. They are hidden in the places where tricksters and visionaries still know to look.

And let's not pretend that this knowledge will be controlled by a small few. To think you can suppress this knowledge is, pardon the phrase, ‘magical thinking.’ And I know my magic.

It is my objective to give survival tools to the Agents and to the world. This is neither nefarious nor self-serving as some suggest. But hey, I get the optics.

I suggest that all the rest of us prepare for the world that is coming, not the world that is.

When we take part in Anomalies -- when we cause them, we not only agitate and energize the XM around us, but we reverberate across this and other Dimensional Nodes. I have no doubt that the Exogenous notice this.

I suspect they they are present at these Anomalous Zones, either to observe or to influence -- drawn by the activity and energy of the XM Anomalies themselves.

More information to come. But let me say that I will be calling for help from Agents, of both sides, in the upcoming Anomalous Event... and both Factions will have an extraordinary opportunity, one that could only have existed now... now that the borders that separate our worlds have been stripped to the bone by the events of the last five years...

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It's apparent to me that some of you are questioning my motivations for certain actions I'm taking or have taken.

Forgive me for being vague here, but there are things that must remain inside a small circle.

I'll say what I can. What I'm engaged in has been going on for centuries... hell... millennia.

I'm just doing it in a deliberate way. I'm looking forward.

Is anybody really unaware of the fact that many people are taking actions now, (with remote viewing, RPEs and and other activities I won't identify) that could be opening a new Pandora’s Box.
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I don't speak here often. Most of the time, it's because I really don't have much to say. When I put Niantic in my rear view, it was for a good reason. The lies, the power plays, all that stuff. Look, I've been a part of that world since I was way too young. I was happy to have some space to just be myself. Whatever the hell that means.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying, what I saw yesterday upset me in a big way. Mainly because I saw it coming. Not in the spooky something in my gut kind of way. Well that too, but not all that. Many of us saw this coming.

I see what Hank liked about her. She's a looker, she's intelligent and charismatic. But there were signs, right? He knew he was in an ocean full of sharks. No island in that kind of an ocean is that perfect. Right? 

And Azmati. Walking headfirst into a situation like that? 

I tried to warn both of them.

Why? After all I don't know either of them too well. But frankly there's not many of us left on this side of the line, and I hate looking at the world like that, but it's just the way it is. Too few of us.

+Hank Johnson, you are a stupid, stupid, brave man and I hope to hell I see you again on the far side of this mess you've gotten yourself into. 
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I am in an undisclosed location doing work that I can not discuss now.  It must happen in a protected space.  I shall return soon with a full explanation.  For now, I ask that agents return to a portal of great significant not only to me, but to many members of the Niantic Investigation.  I don't know which one.  But I am getting a very strong vibe that something is hidden there.  More later.
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When Hank Johnson mentioned the N'zeer, it triggered a vague phrase I heard a long time ago:  "Occulta Voces".  Or something like that. I heard it whispered. Long ago. Don't remember where. Maybe as far back as Marfa. I don't know. What I do know is that a friend of mine studied Alchemy and the Alchemists...  He always felt there was something missing. A voice so strong and profound that when it was eradicated it left what he called a 'the speaking silence.'  He said that he knew there was a dark secret not because of what was being said, but what was not being said.  I didn't pay a lot of attention, but one phrase stuck in my head: "Like a black hole or neptune or the dog not barking... "
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I can't tell you where I have been or what I have been doing. But I am feeling very strange energies...  Random voices: Something is coming.  Noir Petra. Warning... But from whom?  Tried contacting Carrie. Silence. Or did I not hear the voice. Disruptive energies.  Something Wicked This Way Comes. Illusionist.
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Sentient Artifacts might be a misnomer...  Things are recorded in artifacts. Think of them as being like hard drives or video cameras, under certain circumstances things can become embedded by them.  There have been many theories about how this works over the millennia.  I now suspect it is XM.  Perhaps, given that XM is ordered data, not unlike what was once known as Ether... It is either a conductive medium or it is the intelligence itself... Or it networks to become intelligence.  This isn't my theory, its what I extracted from a conversation between Kureze and Schubert during the Niantic Project in the period before the end.  What P.a Chapeau (AKA Richard Loeb) referred to as the Sphere of Weirdness.  It was just a theory, but given that, and what I suspect Yuri Nagassa is attempting to communicate from the Valley of the Dead(?) it is making sense that XM is becoming absorbed into artifacts.  If Hank ever returns (no contact with him on any plane), we might develop a theory on that.  But I'm no physicist, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. Though I can assure you, something is very different now.
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