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Dr. Michael Provitera (aka “DocProv”) is a motivational and organizational behavior expert. As president of Motivational Leadership Training, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. he consults with both large and small organizations, individual executives, as well as educational and governmental
Dr. Michael Provitera (aka “DocProv”) is a motivational and organizational behavior expert. As president of Motivational Leadership Training, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. he consults with both large and small organizations, individual executives, as well as educational and governmental

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Over the years, the few people that have followed me, on occasion, have found me quoted in articles and newspapers but nothing that I have done in the past has been as good as this latest piece published by THE LOVE YOUR JOB PROJECT! I hope that you get a chance to read it!
Thanks to Nina Parr, CMO & Co-Founder @ The Love Your Job Project in Denver, Colorado!

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Thinking about getting a Graduate Degree? Mike Prov is quoted in CareerBuilder ---
Excerpt -
Consider your circumstances. Only you can look at your individual circumstances and determine whether an advanced degree is right for you, but making a smart, informed decision that includes plenty of resources and advice can help make sure you're heading in the right direction. Provitera says, "The key thing to realize is the experience is the best transferable skill. Building a network and a stream of contacts is key to success in business. However, an advanced degree can never hurt a person; it lets you rub elbows with peers at the graduate level, opens up contacts and places you in a better job pool if you find yourself looking for work."

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Graduating from High School and Thinking About College - Mike Prov recently quoted by Ned Jones..... - “You worked so hard in school up to this point and it is okay to rest on your laurels. You got your essay in on time along with your other paperwork, and you paid the application fee. Relax now, focus on the future and remember that each school you applied to has its plus and minus column—so do not worry. Let the cards fall where they may.” – Michael Provitera, author of Mastering Self-Motivation

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Mike Prov is quoted "Set a goal"

Make a fresh start in your job search with a renewed purpose by turning your resolution into a clear-cut, concise goal, says Michael Provitera, associate professor of organizational behavior at Barry University. This can be finding a job in a certain field, or simply finding a job in a certain location.

Read more:

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The Power of Social Media. Mike Prov gets quoted in an article - "I was looking for a way to present my book and also showcase the dynamic social media site called Pinterest. I selected the pins that related to my product and then took the audience through a presentation on how to use Pinterest to sell or showcase your product. I created a video and placed it on youtube for people to learn not only how to use Pinterest but also how to showcase a product. I created a road-show for my product that can be viewed from anywhere in the world."

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MIke Prov gets quoted in US NEWS & World Report - Read the full article written by Robin Madell, journalist and communications consultant on business

"Management consultant Michael Provitera points out that many employees’ respect for authority figures makes them cringe at the thought of pushing back on an assignment. Yet when being a “yes person” results in conflicting projects and day-to-day tasks (sometimes coming from multiple managers), it’s time to learn to say "no" to superiors' requests. “Let the bosses know that you have a certain amount of priorities that you are working on now from each of them,” Provitera says. “Then ask which priority is more important, and go to work on that one first.”

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Mike Prov gets a few lines in an article written by Nancy Dunham, journalist and graduate of Yale Univeirsty Creative Non-Fiction Writing Program - here is my excerpt, but click on the article and read the life lessons from this award winning mini-series -
Stand up, stand tall
Watching Skyler, drugmaker Walter White’s wife and mother of their two children, vacillate from suspicious outsider to hypercritical authoritarian to crime partner reminds us of how marriage can make us vulnerable.
“Removing herself from the situation as soon as she was aware of the illegal mess that she was getting herself into would have been her way out,” says Wall Street veteran Michael J. Provitera, associate professor of organizational behavior at Barry University in Miami. “The moment she condoned or helped in the process, she was guilty.”
He applauds Skyler’s efforts to re-establish her career, but says authorities easily would have uncovered her use of illegal funds to buy a car wash.

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Recent Interview with Michael Provitera, Author of Mastering Self-Motivation!

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My Time with Fred H. Pryor in Mission, Kansas 

What a great experience I had with Fred H. Pryor in Mission, Kansas on June 18, 2014. It was a once in a life time experience and I cherished every moment of it. Why? Because it is not every day that I get to meet the current Director at The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and most importantly, the Founding Chairman of Pryor Resources, Inc. Now internationally known as Fred Pryor Seminars. 
Fred mentioned that he was impressed with some of the work of Wayne Dyer. I remember listening to Wayne when I was coming up as an executive. I like Dyers work on “Pulling Your Own Strings” and “Real Magic.” Right there, I connected with Fred and related to his compassion for life-long learning. 
He then talked about the authentic-self which is another topic dear to my heart. “Do not mimic someone else, find your own style,” he said. Fred asked us about how high is our energy level which he felt was an important component of a trainer’s style. “This is the real-thing, life is not a rehearsal, own your own energy and you need to be natural with it,” Fred said. “Express yourself, not artificially, but authentically!”
When Fred mentioned winning as an important trait of a trainer, he focused on a win/win scenario---his exact words were “You Win, They Win!”
He then focused on eating well and exercising to stay fit both physically and mentally. “Running forty-minutes builds strategy and reduces stress,” he claims. It showed, at a ripe age of 82, he complained that he was six pounds overweight. If Jack LaLane was alive today, he would have some competition because Fred is in great shape.
Fred honed in on attitude. He said “Have a positive attitude. What is happening right now, in your life, is what needs to be happening. Go through it and know what it is like to experience it.”
“Love yourself first!” Fred said. You need to be who you are and believe in yourself. Work hard to develop your skills and then talk to people naturally about it. Personal development will build your wisdom. As your wisdom builds, you will be better able to pay attention to what is happening every moment. He went on to provide a fire-fighter example. Firefighters listen carefully, go over each experience, and learn from each episode to improve the next performance level when a future emergency approaches. 
Fred ended our meeting with some important comments addressing how important it is to be wise---“The number one thing about successful people is that they have intuition.”
I asked Fred which seminar that he liked best as a trainer and he mentioned “Time-management” and “Understanding and Predicting Human Behavior.” Then he offered some great wisdom that made the visit with him very special.
The ultimate ground of all being is to know that you are efficient, sufficient, and effective.
Always helping people know that they are efficient, sufficient, and effective. Be an agent of change in other people’s life.
Most people do this because they have to but you should do it because you want to.
As a teacher/facilitator/seminar leader, you must draw people out to be the best that they can be.
Love what you do!

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