Finally I reached Level 16 as Ingress Agent. After more than 3 Years playing one game again and again.
I had a lot time without playing active, for private reasons, but there was this great Community in my home city they have motivated me again and again to play on.
After I was the 8th ENL Level 8 Agent in 2013 in my Home City, I'm the 16th Agent from my Home City reaching Level 16. (Thats not really true, I didn't count them.... but it sounds great :D ).

Today 2 Years ago there was Helios Munich since then I have never given up my roles on the Anomalies. So I was Co Team Leader in Munich 2 Years ago, after that I was Teamleader three times again for our great AuxGäu-Team. Latest was last weekend in Cologne, that was a lot of fun again.

After my first operating of some clearing missions for some big fields since 2013 I made Operator for Anomalies since Darsana Stuttgart. There I have invested the most time of playing Ingress. (See my Trekker Badge is under 2.500 km :D )
Next Anomaly will be Sofia as a Operator again.

I love this game in all his crazy facets. I like all the contacts worldwide. Some of you are much more Ingress-Crazy then me. Some of you are not only contacts some of you are real friends now.

I have to thank all of you for your great support over all this time. Special Thanks to
+Aaron Zoch (Yes, I will never forget that it was you shown me how to deploy an Resonator and fire an XMP <3 )
+Florian Horch (for each single XMP for my levelings and each beer, coffee, etc. with me)
+Florian Frimmel (for each single item and beer)
+Shin Ice (for each shown tool to make me this Operator I'm now)
+Rainer Seitz (Kuchen! For every joke. Ever.)
+Christian Egger (for that much fun on Leveling Day! And so much more...)

Over the years I have so much contacts so much things I love on this game.

It's time to move. #Ingress #LevelUp #Level16 #ThreeYears #Thanks #Fun
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