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Minerva Knits
handmade goods by a craft extraordinaire
handmade goods by a craft extraordinaire

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#RFF : BETTER THAN JAM: GOVENOR'S ISLAND POP-UP SHOP STARTS TOMORROW! Make sure to come out and check out my fellow artists this summer :-)

#RFF: Very few people know I have naturally curly hair.

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#RFF: My first knitting project was a flowing maxi skirt. Took me 2 years to complete.

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#RFF: Today is the last day to take advantage of my SNOWBUNNY discount on Etsy!

#RFF: I have a weakness for Creme Brulee ..

#RFF: I have a INFJ personality.

#RFF: I own a lot of makeup ... but I seldom wear any :-/

#RFF: I'm a stickler for plot continuity in shows and video games. It sometimes keeps me up at night.

#RFF: My mother thinks I created a monster because my brother knows how to look for the right yarn for me.
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