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Badgers in the garden
Badgers in the garden

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resiliency and community
Resiliency and Community This journey, what this blog is all
about, is an attempt at creating a better lifestyle for myself and my
family. I started with a pretty clear idea of what this might look
like. I was going to be the guy that could and would do eve...

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Quit or Die
So the Autism work didn't pan out.
Bottom line was the fit wasn't right and the time wasn't right. The
project felt under resourced and I made a quick decision to try other
stuff rather than continue to invest time and energy in a project
that didn't suit m...

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Going Shopping
I'm going to the shops – Anyone want
anything? 20 years ago that meant a shopping list
of large rizla, pot noodles and beer. Times move on though. And those
heady days are behind me. The little people moved in and took over.
Nappies, fruity flakes, and milk...

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Stacking functions: Making stuff happen
Its never felt so tough. Ren has pushed
us to the limit and on top of being sick more times in the last month
than I have been in the previous 24, forgetting my pin number (Never
done that before) and being generally doo-lally, the only spare bits
of time a...

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Its all gone fermental!
I started back on the fermenting this
weekend, with a session with Scotty G – one straight red cabbage
and one mix of white cabbage, onion, carrot and garlic. Its got to be
one of the easiest things in the world to do, and what with having a
mate that likes...

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Empowerment and 2015
Well I'm sorry about the last few
months of silence. It appears that the 'Ren test' was harder than I
thought and getting stuff done with a new baby, 2 other sprogs and a
new student settling in does impact after all..... Well it certainly impacts this. Si...

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'Ren Test' - Babies and Permaculture
I have invented, no created, quite literally, a new test. Conceived in late 2013 and launched about a month ago, it is unforgiving, incessent, and highlights problems and weaknesses in any design. It will weadle out anything that would fail in times of hard...

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Gluts, Gluttony, Greed
I was thinking about my gluts the other day, as you do. I know, I know, I'm a bit weird, but they just never stopped coming this year and it was hard to stop thinking about them. This was mainly because I was either picking them or filling the kitchen count...

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Hello Ren
Just a quick post. We had a baby boy last night and we called him Ren. I feel blessed and have fallen in love all over again, not just with him, but all of my beautiful family. Michelle especially has been simply incredible; brave and compassionate. I didn'...

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From Patterns to Details
This is all about seeing the wood for the trees. In a physical project it is imperative to look at how the land behaves in order to carry out any design. The usual stuff, like slopes, species, climate etc... guides a design. These factors should be aiding t...
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