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Making it easy to introduce and keep healthy habits in your life.
Making it easy to introduce and keep healthy habits in your life.

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Junk food for babies? Why you should consider making baby food

There aren’t to many facts nutritional experts agree on but eating a diet low in processed foods and high in whole foods is one point everybody in the field seems to agree on. Still there is one category of processed foods consumers believe to be healthy – baby food.

The question is, does commercial baby food contain all the nutrients babies need to grow healthy despite being highly processed?

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Even baby food producers recommend their products as an addition to balanced homemade meals. The little extra effort to make home made baby food pays off through more nutritiouse food and better eating habits of the little ones.

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Does your BMI even matter?

BMI has been debated within the health industry for years. From exhausting quick diet schemes to changing eating habits, many have tried to reach the ideal BMI.
The real question is, does BMI really reflect your overall health and well being? To answer this question, I decided to do a bit of research to help you make an informed decision.

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Without doubt BMI is a very useful tool but BMI should only be one of the factors to watch out for when losing weight. Body composition and fat distribution should also be key factors to a healthier weight.

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How to choose the best honey

Honey has been around for millenniums. Cave paintings in Spain that are 8000 years old show humans gathering honey. It is thought to be both food and cure. As such it has a very special place in many cultures throughout history. Learn how to recognize quality honey.

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Today there are a lot of honey immitations full of syrup and sugar on the market. Even adalturated honey is not an exeption. That's why it's important to know what to look for when buying honey.

#honey #healthbenefits #sweets

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How to relieve heartburn – 16 effective ways without drugs

Medicine against heartburn is the most prescribed medicine in America. About 40% of Americans suffer from acid reflux. Many cure their condition with long-term use of antacids which are proven to have serious health effects. Here are 15 effective remedies how to relieve heartburn without drugs.

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People who use antacids thend to use them for years. It has been proven that long-term antacid use can acctually harm you and worsen heartburn. It's worth trying it natural remedies against heartburn since most of them already are in our home.

#heartburn #diet #antacids  

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Avoid causes of dementia – starting today

Dementia transforms our personality and makes us into a different person unrecognizable for our loved ones. Worldwide, a new case of dementia is diagnosed every 4 seconds. Although those numbers are expected to rise there is no cure in sight. But there is a way to fight against it. Start to minimize dementia risk factors – today.

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We all know someone who has or had dementia. Until recently there wasn't an understanding why these processes happen in our brain. Old age and the genetic factor were blamed for most Alzheimer's, leaving family members in fear that maybe the same will happen to them. Researchres bring hope and relieve that after all something can be done to prevent this terrible disease, and it's all about our diet.

#dementia #Alzheimer's #nitrates

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Do you ever experience neck pain and ask yourself why? Smartphones and tablets that are becoming an indispensable part of our life are to blame for the growing number of people who experience neck pain. 

Since these technologies are here to stay the question is how to take care of our spine, which has to serve us for many years to come?

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Tea benefits: Green, Black, Oolong and White tea

There are a lot of articles online about health benefits of tea. Some of them state that by drinking enough of this beverage you can significantly prolong your life, cure most of the diseases you have and you might even become immortal. The truth is that there is not enough scientific evidence that tea (green, black, white or oolong), is as beneficial to your health as the articles online would lead you to believe.

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It is very important to correctly use and prepare tea to be able to enjoy all it's benefits.

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Weight loss help: Extremely effective diet plan

Although there are lots of convenient calorie calculators and apps at our fingertips, calorie counting is usually used for brief periods when your are most motivated to lose weight. But what happens when all that counting and measuring gets too tiring and you stop doing it? Is weight gain inevitable? We need a more sustainable approach that can be used in any situation for any meal. Check out this insanely practical diet plan for weight loss and maintenance.

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Sizing portions with help of  hands has proven to be very easy and is succsessfully used for weight loss.

#portioncontrol #weightlosstips

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The one thing you have to do to jump-start weight loss

You can eat a whole food diet, count your calories, limit carb and sugar intake, eat less fat or follow your diet regime to the letter and still don’t see the expected results on your scale. The answer could lie not in what you have limited in your diet but what you’re not giving your body so it’s malfunctioning. Taking care of this malfunction before you even begin losing weight is crucial for your success.

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Our bodies can not do the work we ask of them without feeding them all the ingredients they need. By taking care of nutrition deficiencies we can boost our metabolism, health and weight loss.

#micronutrients #deficency   #weightloss  

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10 sure signs you have a coffee addiction

Nobody can deny it – it’s simply delicious with all the different flavors, cream and toppings. Coffee is the only substance that is known to create addictions but is socially acceptable even desirable But cup sizes have grown during the last 20 years and the amount of caffeine with it.
Should you even care if you have a coffee addiction?

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Drinking coffee after coffee  during the day is more of a nervous habit than really about enjoining the taste of coffee. I like it better to drink one or two delicious cups per day than being dependent on any substance even coffee.
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