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Jon Marr (Purple Sorcerer)
Husband, father, graphic/web designer/musician/game developer.
Husband, father, graphic/web designer/musician/game developer.
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As the last few hours of the DCC scratch-off sheets Kickstarter tick away, Goodman Games has announced that those who order more than 8 packs will receive a free pack of MCC sheets. (Which I'll happily be able to help them create).

So act fast!

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The Christmas in July Sale is live at RPGNow. Get 25% off titles from many DCC & OSR publishers, including of course, Purple Sorcerer Games!

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The new machine is finally 99% configured. All drivers installed... cloud drives synced... apps installed... shares up and running! I returned the bad memory, and the new ram from OWC is working perfectly. I've actually started getting some work done! :)

* The streamlined, effortless iTunes publishing is a huge, huge plus over my previous setup. This alone is worth the price of admission!
* The interconnectivity between the iMac and my iPad and iPhone is so very cool, and in the way I work, incredibly useful.
* The screen on the new iMac is just beautiful.
* The swing arm attachment kit is working very well. (I was worried that the iMac would be too heavy).
* The iMac is very fast.
* GitKraken is a fantastic GIT client unavailable on Windows.
* It's good to again have access to Ulysses on the desktop. It's the app I use for all my adventure writing/editing. (The iPad version is so good it's usually all I need, but having the desktop version streamlines moving things into inDesign for layout).
* I do love Time Machine.

* I'm a bit startled how unstable Mac OS versions of my apps can be. I've had more crashes in the first week (across a variety of apps) on the new iMac than I had in the previous 18 months in Windows 10. I experienced similar things on my old MacBook, but assumed it was issues with a failing hard drive, or lack of memory, etc. (Some might point out it mainly happens in 3rd party apps, so it isn't Apple's fault, but at this point the only Apple apps I find worth using are Mail, Calendar, and Activity Monitor, so it would be pretty thin gruel indeed with out my additional apps!)
* I've experienced the usual raft of weird 'can't delete locked files' and 'things not installing right' issues. (Though I'm relearning work-arounds).
* App memory needs in Mac OS are just insane. The OneDrive client that uses 26 megs in Windows 10 can use up to a gig(!) in iOS. And it's not alone, there are many others like it that seem to eat up memory like The Doomsday Machine. I have 24 gigs installed, so it's not really a problem at this point, but it's still a horror show to review memory usage in the Activity Monitor. I'll likely at some point go up to 48 megs of ram.
* I still don't quite get Mac adoration. The Mac OS is a fine, perfectly usable operating system with a powerful Unix core. But outside of user familiarity, I don't see anything about its window management, installation methods, app launching, or system preference system that is particularly noteworthy. (And in many ways it seems fairly clunky compared to Windows 10). Obviously, this is just personal preference, and since I spend most my time in apps that are basically identical on both OSX and Windows, it doesn't really matter. :)

In the end, this is the best computer I've ever owned, and it will beautifully power my development efforts for years to come. Thanks to everyone for helping make it possible!


As a testament to the workload of upgrading to a new computer when you use it for work, fun, and recording, I'm entering the 4th day of almost full time battle, just now entering the final stretches of configuring the new iMac. :)

(I'm guessing other's with home recording studios with a large number of plugins know of what I speak... especially when you need to re-download enormous sample libraries switching from PC to OSX!)

I'm really glad Comcast provides two gratis 'overage' months when they switched from unlimited data transfer to 1 TB a month. Re-downloading Mac versions of everything and issues with syncing my cloud drives means we are going to obliterate that number!

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The transformation is complete... iMac...iPad Pro... iPhone. My son was having a right merry giggle. :)

Thanks to one and all for your help in making this all possible! I've just started the process of getting this monster configured, but so far (other than my 3rd party memory not working), so good. This is one wicked fast machine, and I look forward to years of successful developing! 

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Over the years I've spoken of creating some type of 'wall of honor on my site' to thank those who have gone above and beyond in supporting the free tools.

I've finally created a simple page to do just that. I"m sure I'm missing folks I need to thank, and I'll definitely be enhancing the page in the future, but for now it's my simple way saying thanks. (And I hope it goes without saying that I appreciate the generosity of everyone who has supported the tools over the years, in ways both small and large!)

Thank you!

The first 'development goal' for this year's Free Tools Pledge Drive is to add 3 additional sheet styles to the Purple Sorcerer Character Generators. I queried the community for sheet styles they'd like to see, and after looking closely at all the options, I've decided to go forward with the following:

1) Add the default Goodman Games 4-Up style to the 0-level Generator
2) Add each of the 7 Goodman Games class-specific styles to the Upper Level Generator

My first impression was to open up voting for one additional style based on the many cool ones created by the community. However, looking closely at the sheets, many presented some serious challenges in how I'd be able to squeeze often unforgivingly too-long text into too-small boxes and spaces. :)

Also, with the recent launch of the Goodman Games scratch-off character sheets Kickstarter, an idea occurred to me: the sheets are incredibly cool, but providing 4 sheets to each player might be a bit cost prohibitive for some judges. So I'm going to contact Joseph about recreating the look of the sheets in the generator, so judges on a budget can provide a single special scratch off sheet to players (that they can use and take home as a memento) backed up by 3 home-printed versions.

I think these choices will be of the most initial value to players and judges, and don't worry, I'll definitely be looking to add additional DCC and MCC sheets to the generators in the future!

The DCC activity on Facebook has really picked up of late, which is cool, but creates a bit of a conundrum. Previously, outside of the Purple Sorcerer Facebook page, I've pretty much lurked on gaming stuff over there. But questions about the tools, etc., have emerged, (along with cool play reports of our adventures), so I'm getting more and more active.

However, this inevitably triggers friend requests. Do you remember that Seinfeld episode where George worried about his fiancé doing stuff with the group because it would kill independent George? Well for me, Google+ is my gaming world, and Facebook is for family and old friends. So the things I post to each are very different: here gaming and geek-ery, with a smidgen of family content in a specific collection... there I'm not a prolific poster, but when I do post it's usually about family and faith. As I'm guessing most my gaming friends wouldn't be too interested in my Facebook content, I don't act on the friend requests from gaming friends. (And I have no interest in maintaining two Facebook accounts...)

I hope no one finds this standoffish, or gets offended when I seem to ignore a friend request! I love you guys, and I think Google+ collections give us the best of both worlds where everybody gets the content they want. And over on Facebook I'll be checking the DCC Rocks and Goodman Games DCC groups more frequently, and participating with greater gusto, where I'll happily respond in Facebook threads. (And if you are genuinely interested in hearing about things like how I'm preparing mentally for my boy leaving on his church mission, or how much I love my wife, daughter, siblings, and aging parents, (along with lots of pics) feel free to let me know in your friend request and I'll let you in).

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On Facebook, I have a fun time goofing on those silly quizzes that some of my friends take... Here are a couple recent efforts. :)
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I've been getting the new iPhone configured in stolen moments. It's an excellent, powerful, device, and it's fun to explore the differences between it and the iPads I'm used to.

But GREAT NEPTUNE'S GHOST, iTunes as a music app is an unholy monstrosity: confusing, ugly, crippled, bloated, and its terrible font choices and colors make it look like it was designed in Visual Basic back in 1998. Did I mention it's ugly? :)

Happily I use the Amazon and Plex apps for most my music needs, but Apple, in typical fashion, forces many necessary interactions through this twisted bit of argh, and adds insult to injury by requiring an unhealthy connection to the desktop app to boot. At times I am mystified by Apple's rep for elegance. Hardware, yes. Apps, not so much...

But speaking of hardware: I got my tracking number for the new iMac today: I'm fairly giddy with excitement for it to arrive on Tuesday... Huzzah!

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