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Jon Marr (Purple Sorcerer)
Husband, father, graphic/web designer/musician/game developer.
Husband, father, graphic/web designer/musician/game developer.

My daughter had her first session today with a group of girlfriends from church creating characters to play through an adventure one of the girls created. 5E alas, but what can one do? ;)

As she described it, they’re all very excited about crafting their character backgrounds (Kira’s character is a chaotic-neutral half-tiefling Warlock who grew up as a street waif...) but the GM is decidedly old-school, informing them that rolls are real and death is on the table. Gotta like that.

As a side note, when Kira first met the GM, and discovered she was a gamer, she showed her the Crawler’s Companion. Her friend immediately downloaded it to her phone and wrote a glowing review on one of the app stores. Kira has always been proud of her strange dad. Cracks me up. :)
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Both The Carnival of the Damned and Escape from the Shrouded Fen are 31% off through Halloween at DriveThruRPG!

David and Terry both went above and beyond with these adventures: each is filled with genuine chills, and scads of fantastic art. If you don’t have them in your library, now is a perfect time to pick one up!

As always, thanks for your support of Purple Sorcerer Games!
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Just spent two hours troubleshooting why the screens on my iMac wouldn’t go to sleep. (Sort of an important feature since it’s in my bedroom...). In the first 30 seconds I made sure nothing was pressing against the trackball or bluetooth keyboards. In the last 30 seconds I stumbled onto the tipped over USB joystick I hadn’t touched in six months... argh. :)
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The main Purple Sorcerer site was apparently down for much of the day until I noticed a kind user had sent me a message on Facebook 10 hours ago. (I was down ill most of the day and hadn't checked).

A quick reboot fixed things, but just as a reminder, if the main site is down and you're in a real pinch to use the tools, you can always visit, or, which basically mirror the main site. (These can also be reached with, or, whichever is the easiest for you to remember).

These servers are spread out at data centers across the country, so it should be very rare indeed when the tools aren't available in some capacity somewhere!
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My wife received a message today on Facebook in fairly broken English from a name she didn’t recognize, and almost deleted it as spam. Looking closer, she discovered it was from a kind restaurant owner in my son’s new area of service in Indonesia. She served Benjamin lunch, and took the time to take a picture of him so she could send it to his parents back home. How wonderful!

Ben was transferred to this new area 3 days ago, so we haven’t heard any details yet. On the map, his new city (Yogyakarta) looks very close to his previous area of service (Surakarta), but it’s just enough closer to the coast that it’s 10 degrees cooler. (It’s also right next to Indonesia’s most active volcano...) Well, at least he looks good!
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Each year David puts together an astonishing pool of prizes to raise funds for kitty rescues. I can’t begin to improve on the pool he’s put together, but to make sure that everyone wins something, if you donate, just let me know at your choice of one my my individual Sunken City adventures: (Perils of the Sunken City, Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk, Gathering of the Marked, or Lair of the Mist Men), and at the end of the raffle I’ll ship out the codes to everyone! Support Dave’s great cause today. :)
The 2018 Charity Raffle starts today. PLease share and donate to

I’m running late with getting this going, so today is the day! Those of you who know me may be aware of a charity raffle I do every year to help support feline rescue. I always feel bad asking for money, so the idea is to build a treasure vault of goodies people might like and give them away in a random raffle at the end of 30 days.

The community helped me raise just over 3k dollars last year and I hope to make it more this year. Unfortunately, this year the lovely June Hancock of KitsNKats rescue decided to push away from the everyday stress of rescuing, fostering and seeing to the medical needs of felines after several years of helping countless felines. This left me with a dilemma on who should benefit from this year’s raffle.

After doing some nosing around and meeting with some local rescues I’ve decided that Feline Lifeline (you can find them on Facebook and the internet at is a solid recipient for the money raised from this event. Ralph Carbone is a wonderful man with the heart of a lion, who leads a team of folks that do so much for the felines in the area. They feed feral colonies in addition to catching and having them neutered/spayed, which helps control the population.

In addition, they foster kittens and cats and tend to their various medical needs. After attending a Feline Lifeline meeting I learned that most of the money for food, litter and vet bills come from their own pockets. I’d like to help their cause as much as possible, which leads me to the 3rd “save the kitties” charity raffle. In short, these folks have a huge heart! They give so much of themselves and I’d like to help them with some funds.

Below you’ll see pictures of items I have been buying and begging for over the last year. I tried to cover several avenues of gaming so that there would be something for everyone in the loot pile. Entering is simple! All you have to do is donate $1.00 to the cause. This gets you on the list of potential winners. You are entered once for each dollar you donate, so throw in $10.00 and you have ten entries!

Every penny donated goes towards the charity! At the end of the 30 days, I’ll have someone take the list of names and randomly draw three winners for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. From there, each will have a pick (in order from 1st to 3rd) to build their own prize pack! As you’ll see, several items have been grouped together (as shown) to make the process run smoothly.
So, this is where I beg, plead, ask you to throw a little money towards this effort. Just donating a dollar is huge folks! If you can’t contribute PUH-LEEZE share this post anywhere you think it might get some support! I may add some additional items as we go, but there are already a ton of cool prizes, including board games, miniatures, and RPGs.

Let’s not forget original art from Erol Otus, who took the time to donate an original freaky cat sketch! Throw in art by +Doug Kovacs and +Stefan Poag and you have some unique kind prizes!

For folks out of the country. I’ll help as best I can with shipping but considering the weight of these items it might not be feasible to ship. Apologies

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I saw Dak do this, and thought it was a pretty cool idea, all things considered:

I’m @purplesorcerer at Twitter... but I never use it. :)
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It feels like the end of an era with Google+ shutting down. I’ve increasingly grown to loathe Google over the years, but clearly there’s never been another social media platform that has been so supportive of the growth of communities like ours.

I’m sure there will be a million suggestions of where to go from here, but I feel it is going to be difficult to find something that has both the widespread appeal of a platform like Google+, but also possesses the fine, granular level of control that the circles and communities provided, features I think were critical in fostering healthy communities.

Regardless, it’s been a pleasure. I’ve made dozens of friends here, and I’m sad to see it go.
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If you've tried to contact me in the last few days, and haven't heard back yet, I have a tale for you...

My wife and I spent most of yesterday in the hospital making sure I didn't have appendicitis. (After going nearly two days without sleep because of the pain). Happily it was 'only' a swarm of kidney stones mingled with the residual effects of a stomach bug. Once we finally got home, I had my first meal in 24 hours, and promptly crashed, sleeping for 15 hours without moving. I awoke feeling quite a bit better. :)

In a painkiller-fueled daze today I decided to wipe my iMac clean and install Mojave, since I've been plagued the last few months with crash after crash in a number of apps. (The laptop purchased with the funds from this year's drive is working great, so there was no worry of downtime). I'm liking dark mode, but I'm not looking forward to the hours and hours that reinstalling my music plug-ins will likely require, or the state of my inbox. Oh well, just happy to be on the mend!
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Still pouring hours into a soon to be announced thing. :)

On the family front, in this week’s letter my son sent many pics from a trip to the royal palace in the town he’s serving in. (He’s actually become friends with one of the many princes). The pic shows him hanging with two palace guards(!). He continues to pick up cool knick-knacks like Javanese masks that I have no idea how he’ll get home. He was quite excited about the 1921 Dutch colonial coin he got for $2 today: that makes a bit more sense. :)

He’s now lost 55 pounds, and I think that’s just about enough, thank you very much. Much of his clothes need to be replaced, but on the plus side apparently you can get stuff there tailored quite cheap.

Ben happily informed us that’s he’s reached basic fluency in Indonesian, and can now carry on conversations easily. He loves it there. None of us can believe he’s 1/4 of the way through his service: he told me “I’m exited by the thought that I’ll be home in 18 months, but I’m also happy that I have 18 months before I have to come home.”
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