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Elvis Cehajic

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New Drops

I feel more and confident with my Drops now. Let's see what happens next.
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I always have fun doing these! You're off to a great start!
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Elvis Cehajic

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I consider this a great way to access answers to silly but nonetheless very interesting questions. Go ahead and spend a few minutes exploring the answers and help adding more!
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Elvis Cehajic

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Tages GA gratis

Es gibt sich noch, die guten Geister des Alltags. Gerade hat mir eine Dame ein Tages GA in die Hand gedrückt. Sie fahre nicht mehr, meinte sie. 
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Elvis Cehajic

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Strawberry in Milk

Had some fun yesterday shooting strawberries falling in milk. This is the result.

Well, one of the results. Some are fine and others.. not so much.

#BTLcritique #critiquePLS
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Great catch! The strawberries rarely last long enough for me to get one of these in focus! :)
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FIrst experiments with Hispeed Photography using arduino. I'll need a lot of practice to achieve better results.
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Elvis Cehajic

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My name is Elvis and I'm from Northern Switzerland. I've spent some time photographing for around three years, started with Sony gear but soon switched to Canon. I still consider myself an Everything-Photographer, not really caring about specialization and still having fun with all possible subjects. And as I see plenty of room to improve my pictures I would like you all to comment.
Cheers, Elvis
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Hi Elvis!  Welcome to the group!  Thanks for joining!  
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Elvis Cehajic

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Unterwegs im Wald

Hab im Wald einige Pilze gesammelt - mit der Linse statt im Korb. Werd ich bei Gelegenheit gerne wiederholen!
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Jetzt hab ich Hunger :-)
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Elvis Cehajic

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Zwei kleine Katzenwelpen haben heute das Licht der Welt erblickt! 
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Elvis Cehajic

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1,066 people
IT Project Manager
I do
  • work for a medium sized company as IT Project Manager, especially in the ERP and DMS area (SAP resp. Documentum & Sharepoint)
  • volunteer in ambulance

I like 
  • taking pictures
    I am a beginner and try hard to improve my skills. Your critique is very welcome on every picture I upload.

  • fishing
    I like to be outside and I like (to eat) fish. I think that qualifies me for that hobby!

  • outdoor sports
    as long as it's not too cold outside

  • scuba diving
    Wanted to scuba dive since I was a child. Learned it in 2008. Love it since then.

  • tranquility

  • travelling
    Doesn't matter where it is, I wanna go there!

  • DIYing
  • techy stuff
  • books
    I enjoy them even more since I own a kindle.
I don't like
  • resharing on G+ without commenting why
  • not properly written e-mails
I've probably circled you because
  • I like your photography
  • I like other aspects of you (but probably it's about photography)
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