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For #1 -These are all good improvements. We're looking at Material Design standards for some of out sites, too.

For #2 - Ok, collecting customization in one place makes a lot of sense.

For #3 - Haven't we had this change since mid July? I really like it. It's been much easier to switch between views. If you're open to some design suggestions, though, please don't make the top bar of the suite-header and suite-nav-bar that heavy charcoal color. Keep the light colors in all the nav. Let the color happen on the reports canvas.

For #4 - I guess that's fine.

For #5 - This is ok, too.

For #6 - I can't say that I've ever used Automatic Intelligence Events. And the Custom Alerts move makes sense.

One request for a #7. We rely a LOT on annotations. Right now, there's no way to input one annotation for multiple views. There needs to be! We have to copy and past the annotation manually across views.

Maybe it's a combo request, because in the past, entering annotations was easier. You could double click on the date in the graph to enter an annotation. Now it takes at least 3 clicks, which is annoying.

Thanks for the updates, though. Tell Ash Vij hi!

Justin Brock

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Business Catalyst also moves any <meta> tag to the <head> section. Is there a way to override that? The meta tags are needed for many of the markups.

Justin Brock

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Wow. This makes me miss you, fella.
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